The Siege of Exterrea

Vandlo: Sky Terror

A Traveller's Guide

Sky Terror

Sky Terrors, as the Zolannese call them, are cunning and intelligent avian predators. Originally appearing very much humanoid these creatures are deadly hunters who should be avoided at all costs.

Appearance and Traits

These creatures, as stated previously, are able to wrap their wings around their body to appear almost humanoid from a distance. They are able to speak common and seem to almost enjoy conversing with their prey before hunting them down, this could be due to their seemingly solitary nature. When beginning their attack the unfurl their wings (which often appear as robes when they wish to appear less threatening) and distend their jaws.


Upon acquiring prey they surround them in what can only be described as a wall of fire. They then proceed to use a combination of fire and dust based attacks to confuse and disorient their targets, often blinding them and leaving them unable to defend themselves, while they attack from the sky. While I did not witness this personally, I believe that once they have worn their prey down they start attacking with a venomous bite that will have horrific effects on its target. Once the target is (mostly) dead, they will proceed to consume their prey’s flesh.


I highly suggest bringing a few enchanted ranged weapons with you if you plan on encountering this creature. Failing that, some kind of netting or trap to keep the creature on the ground is highly advised. The best advice I can give you when going up against this creature is to attempt to escape at all costs, as it is a fearsome foe.



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