Siege of Exterrea

The Soldiers of Zolann: Drott the Able

A spear punctured through the wicker shield, the point caught in the weave. But it wasn’t enough. The might behind the blow kept pushing forward, and the spearhead pierced the chest, and pulled back, shield and all. The Zolannese soldier collapsed to the ground, hemorrhaging into the dry earth. That’s when he felt a the touch of a human hand and the power of life running into him. As he opened his eyes, he saw the flat face of another Zolanese warrior looking down on him.

Today is not your day to die.

And without saying anything more, the man left him. He found a spear beside him, using it to stand to his feet. And the soldier who clearly saved his life was nowhere to be seen.

Drott continues to explore the battlefield.

Where is Kane? He’s too reckless. He’s going to get himself killed.

Three Zolannese warriors run past, back to the front line. Two of them make it, the third struck by an arrow.

The arrow killed him instantly. There’s no saving this one.

A drow foot soldier slowly approached. He hid a grin of ill intent behind his sword and shield. He’s confident, underestimating, vulnerable.

The sword came down and and made no contact. Drott avoided the clumsy swing and reacted quickly with his spear, thrusting it into the abdomen of the drow combatant. His enemy was stunned. Drott pulled his weapon back and pierced the soldier a second time, and repeated this motion a third and final time, before the elf dropped to the ground.

Our army is retreating. This skirmish is over. And dusk has yet to come.



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