Siege of Exterrea

Hlvart: Insight to discovery.

The second beginning!

It was a unsually warm day in the late fall. The sun was setting, daylight fading, and my face was illuminated by candle light. I had just finished with the master brewer for the day. Master grunfel since before my father was even born. A remarkable man of intelect far beyond any other brother I have ever met. To learn from him?… To me was like learning from the master blacksmith in the high mountains. But anyways I’m sure you don’t care to hear me ramble on about my awe inspiring teacher.

So it had been about two months I had be his apprentice. I was working diligently on my own, trying to make a new original brew and have been for a couple weeks now. In the process though I received a rather nasty burn on my right hand. I had to keep working though, I couldn’t let it slow me down. I wrapped it up quick downed a drink quick and kept on working. After the light was all but gone, as the moon stood full high in the sky, I became satisfied with my creation to call it a night. I filled a pint drank it down and hit the sack.

The next morn’ when I awoke something felt strange, or the lack there of feeling. My hand no longer hurt. There wasn’t even a mark of a burn on it. No scars… That night I decided to test something. I wounded myself before drinking the same mix. I waited and wait yet nothing. In my disappointment I retired for the night. The next morning though I saw that once again my wounds were healed, not a scratch. I delved more into it in the coming days but that is where I shall lay down the pen for the night.



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