Siege of Exterrea

Dukes, Dragons and not enough Rum

The Journey to Duke Ted

The day started early, far too early. It wasn’t long after he and his guild mates were aboard an estranged tour boat that Daniiph started feeling good. It was a brand new day and with it another adventure! (And the attractive tour guide didn’t hurt either) Over all it was a bland tour and Daniiph struggled to hold interest; aside from the obvious marketing set up with a mermaid –that was quite a sight to see! Daniipih was very happy to see her again when they were ashore, though he failed to make a decent impression… ‘Oh well, there are other fish in the sea’ thought Daniiph. And hey, maybe if he caught a big enough one, it could win her over. That however will have to wait for another day.

The best part of the whole tour was when Daniiph caught a glimpse of TJ passing by on another boat. They looked to be having fun and Daniipih was more than jealous. That too will have to wait for another day.

Daniiph had thought he’d seen it all, but a Dragon for a Duke –That one’s new! He wasn’t too nice, but than again he wasn’t too mean either. It’s just a good thing they found him in a good mood and themselves in good company. It turns out Dragon Duke’s like to eat Cobald. Daniiph had always agreed that when it comes to food or what people choose to put in their mouths –It’s better to leave it as; “To each their own”. Daniiph did do the duke the service of spicing his meal up for him with a little Black Barrel Rum. Aside from being a fine brew, it also makes quite the meat flavor enhancer.

Daniipih would be lying if he said he wasn’t at least a little bothered that they had been brutally betrayed and left to die by TJ and her friends. Though he can let that go if it gives him the chance to team up with her personally for a mission or two … for the sake of the guild of course!

The way out was about as dull as the way in, with exception to a pathetic attempt at an ambush. Who knew a nap could be so lethal? At least they were able to make good time back to the guild with the help from some old dusty statues. Hopefully they would be able to get some actual work done now, and with a bit of luck –maybe before the others catch up!



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