Siege of Exterrea

Drott: First Check In

This city is more dangerous than it seems. There is something going on here. Most-likely caused by the ones in power. There’s magic. I know it. Kane refuses to accept it. I know it can be hard to accept for some, but his stubbornness blinds him. At least, we are fed and sheltered. That is a welcome change.

I have fought along side many combatants from many backgrounds, but this group is unique. Very unique. I thought it strange, but almost comforting to find another Zolannese here. But I feel that she may not hold as much loyalty to our fierce nation.

There is a dwarf who seems very eager to unite our unfitting group. He his naive, but generous. Or maybe just desperate. I have actually put an effort to learning Hlvart’s name

There is also a charmer. He has been more foolish and annoying than helpful. He seems capable enough. He just doesn’t realize how to put his talents to use. It is very possible that he will try someone’s patience too hard. That someone may be me.

I have no definite opinions towards the rest. One of them is truly mad. They can prove their worth when the time comes.



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