The country of Zolann is the birthplace of humanity, lacking the vast resources of Harsk or Ailgorr the Zolannese have always been fighting for what they want. Once divided into many warring states they were eventually united during the Unification Wars. Now the united humans of Zolann have set their sights on Volatao’s other richer nations.

To the death- To survive the harsh lands of Zolann it takes an indomitable will allowing you to push on when others could not- When at 0 hp you can act normally

Sandman- you gain a +2 to perception while sleeping

Natural Born
Restriction: Must have lived entire life in Zolann
Heart of Steel- When you HP is below 50% rounded down you gain DR 1/- this stacks with all other damage reduction

Bonus Languages: Zolannese, Zolini, Lann, Undercommon, Dwarven

Population: 96% Human, 4% other

Rival: Ailgorr


Siege of Exterrea Kanexiane