Tag: Hunter's Guild


  • Hobbly the Hobo

    Hobbly was once the head postman of [[16 Rivers | 16 Rivers]], until a mix up at the post office led to him being fired. Now he spends most of his time drinking outside the Bolting Buck. On friendly terms with [[:aodris | Aodris]].

  • Clare Landon

    Clare Landon is the the caretaker and bartender of [[The Bolting Buck | The Bolting Buck]] tavern. He started working there about ten years ago after he married his wife, the Grand Marshal of Corvinne. To this day nobody knows how he pulled it off, but …

  • Leif "Jafe" Vanderbuck

    Originally born in the deserts of Zolann, Leif was raised by worshippers of Maltranni the sun goddess. When his tribe was wiped out by a neighboring tribe he wandered the deserts until he was discovered by the Buck brothers, who brought him back to …

  • Terry "TJ" Delamak

    Terry was born in Meglameth, to the Death Caller order. She excelled in magic and quickly rose in status, but became bored with her life and left with the Buck Brothers to become a wanderer seeking new discoveries. Still a devout follower of Meglamak, she …