Siege of Exterrea

Siersha: Jewelry

The ring is beautiful; it’s honestly the most entrancing piece of jewelry that Siersha can ever remember seeing. While the extra power given from it is nice, her favorite part is the enchantment on the large black opal in the center.

The night sky has always been a thing of wonder for her. She can spend hours observing and studying it and still feel like she hasn’t learned a thing. The perfect view of the night sky enchanted inside the opal is almost distracting and certainly enthralling. Not as much as the real thing, but it’s closer than she would have expected.

Siersha glances up from the ring to observe the changling curled into her side. This was nothing close to what she’d been expecting when TJ had mentioned a surprise. In fact, Siersha was so shocked by the development that she’d found herself unable to hide her absolutely stunned expression.

She still hasn’t completely processed what happened just a few hours earlier. Maybe it will set in later. For now, she can just continue to admit her new ring while TJ rests.

Pissed off


Siersha: Debts

I do not often do things that lead to others owing me favors. But in this case, I feel that TJ owes me quite a bit right now.

I am not currently very happy.

Nami: Back into the swings of things

After these last few weeks of breast feeding and caring for my sigh child, I went on a mission. Landon had an assassination mission that I went on with “Frankie” which was good fun. I have got to say I like that “Frankie” girl, she is a good partner.

Siersha: This is Frustrating

Now that I no longer feel overwhelmed by anxiety, I can finally manage to reflect on it. Anxiety is not something that I experience often, and I cannot remember ever feeling so anxious at any time in this life.

The strength of the feeling was… unsettling. Something I do not wish to endure again.

The only certain way of avoiding it, however, is to somehow distance myself from the cause of it. And, unfortunately, I am unsure that I could manage that.

How do I manage to get myself into these situations?

Siersha: Dream Journal Entry #688

I was a child in my most recent dream. Everything towered above me. I had trouble reaching the tall table upon which a woman was preparing food. I can only assume she was my caretaker of some sort, as she scolded me and assured me that supper would be ready soon, so I could stand to wait a bit longer.

My child self was put out by this response and pouted, to which the woman smiled affectionately and sent me outside to fetch my father.

Time seemed to pass suddenly and I was slightly older, though still very much a child. I was concentrating hard, my hands making small gestures and my lips forming words. I grew more and more frustrated as nothing happened, but then — the small cut of fabric in front of me changed from dull grey to a bright shade of green.

I beamed, feeling accomplished, and rushed out to tell my mother of my success. When I demonstrated, she was very impressed and proud.

As I woke that morning from my dream, a small feeling of being cared for lingered. Somewhere, somewhen, I had a family that had treated me as families should treat their children. At least some incarnation of myself had been raised well.

Nami: Meanwhile


Tera: Hero's End


Aodris: Fly Thee To Thy Rest

We have lost a comrade today. Perfidious saw it occur. We are not quite sure what happened.

May she find peace in the land of eternal dream.


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