Siege of Exterrea

Viscaria: The Defense

The people working on the defense for those criminals are hilarious! One of them is a wonderful gentleman with good commentary and interesting habits (he introduced himself as Aodris). I think I’ll keep following them around for a bit longer. Maybe I can even do so after the trial. It’s not like I have anything else to do.

Tera: Grief

Flitterfluff is dead…. I am accused of being his murderer. He… He was the only person I had ever been with. Unlike back home he didn’t look at me as a reminder of a war or as an “exotic” conquest like the young boys back at the academy use to think of me. He treated me like a person, a woman. This fucking sucks.


Aodris: This bond doth give thee here no jot of blood

This land seems to believe that two of our number are murderers. A shame indeed. If only Perfidious were given access to the dead; she might have a word with him and thus remove all stain of doubt.

We have discovered a most interesting construct; alas, it hurt us most grievously and was not at all amenable to discussion with the monkeys. It smelled of copper and butterfly wings.

We are certain we were attempting to accomplish something…

Tera: Take that robot!

Finally! I feel like we managed to do something right as a group (though I feel the lack of bard might have helped some). We managed to destroy the Mage Slayer, who happened to be a construct of Senta’ Marin make. I am a bit concerned that we appear to be tailed by a second of these constructs. So far he (?) has not made any hostile moves towards us but I am of course leery of the thing and am happy to have rid myself of the Mage Slayer’s “mind gem.” I will admit with this venture I find that even though the “Insect Queen” still unnerves me, he seems to be a good companion. I must give credit where credit is due to both him and Peter; their drug scheme was quite the gamble but it paid off and without them we wouldn’t have completed our job. Now I just need to be able to contact Inspector Flitterfluff and deliver onto him the Mage Slayer’s mask and the news of its make that I have not mentioned to my companions.

Entry Number Unknown

I have decided that this resort in Hersch is one of the best places I have yet been in this lifetime. I might have visited nicer in previous ones, but I cannot quite recall if I have or not.

Our private bath is the most luxurious tub I have stepped foot in and I have already spent more time than is prudent within its waters. I also have found myself enjoying the private stretch of beach we have and the intensely comfortable beds.

I must remember to get TJ a thank you gift for taking me here once I have more money. I am uncertain of what she could want, considering how much money she already has herself, but I will come up with something she will value.


I’ve been appointed for a trial happening in a few days.

It’s bound to be entertaining.

Oh, the wonderful life of being a noble. I get to wear all the fancy jewelry I want AND send people to jail!

Tera: Team Drugs, Go Figures.

This last week we’ve been in Tulipea in Rose. We are on a job from Inspector Flitterfluff to hunt down the Mage Slayer who he knows is in town. Apparently she is working with/for (?) a ratfolk gang called The Hoods. Not sure when it came to trying to get into the gang we all just split up, but of course we did. Daniiph and I didn’t have any luck but that weird “Insect Queen” and Peter seems to have had better luck with their drug plan that I helped them out with. I think they are still alive, not sure it has been several days without hearing from them. In the meantime I thought maybe I could get an audience with a higher up at the academy here but so far no avail. Though I have been enjoying myself being around like-minded individuals and the younger students are a joy to converse with. It has been a nice change.

Nami: Seriously? Jail time?

Alright so this guild has some strange people of varying degrees of stupid. The bard seems to be the king of stupid here and next time I might just kill him. Any how I didn’t represent my abilities and training well with this mission of finding out where an escaped Changling might have gotten to. The one thing I did learn is that I never want to end up in that swamp prison ever again.


Introducing Kenta
The new guy

Kent walks into the run down tavern he had recently heard so much about. His sword sways at his side as his armor clanks with each step. His hair is short and stubbly with a hint of gray sinking in. He is obviously an older fellow, and has his fair share of scars.
Kenta was surprised to receive a letter recruiting him to Monroe’s errand service, but he could use the work and he had wanted to get out more. He approaches the counter and offers and introduction to the man at the bar “My name is Kenta, I was given this letter and directions here. What can you tell me of all this?” Landin explains the guild and the job board. Kenta could appreciate the simplicity of it. Do the job, get paid and make the place look good. “Alright, seems easy enough. When do I start?”

Drott: Clothes Shopping

Drott and Kane explore 16 Rivers, in search of more appropriate attire more. It is clear that they are Zolannese descent, and little can change that. But new garments could at least make them like more like adventurers or mercenaries and less like Zolanesse militants.

“Brother,” Kane said, “I asked around, and I found the best clothing store in the city.”

How do we know it is the best?

“Everyone said it was.”

“Very well. Let us investigate.”

The store is full of bright colors and fine linens. A number of nobles were sifting through the selection. Tailors were available to sew in gemstones and silver and gold threads.

“I do not believe we can afford to shop here. And the clothing available does not look like that of guild members.”

“Yeah. Those guys lied to me! We should do something about them trying to make us look foolish.”

“I don’t believe that to be necessary. They are foolish people, themselves, with ridiculous tastes. They most likely believe this attire to be good quality.”

Kane muttered, “We can always kill them for having bad taste.”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing, Brother.”

“Hey!” said an angry voice. “You two need to leave!” It was an upset man, dressed in clothing like that in the store.


“We should leave. There is no need to start a fight. Not here.”

“I don’t like this.”

“We represent the Guild, now. We can’t kill everyone who offends us. Not in Corvinne. Besides, this clothing is ridiculous and impractical.”

“I know! But, I don’t like it.”


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