Siege of Exterrea

Akvah: Why

I told them it was a stupid idea.

I warned them. I tried to stop them.

And it ended up just as badly as I knew it would.

Nami: Need some excitement

I am so bored. This guild sounded exciting but I have got nothing to do around here. I wanted to go out after one of those generals that have been causing a mess but those damn Zolannese idiots took the mission. If it had only been one of them then I would have gone but I can’t risk getting into a fight with both at the same time. Oh well, my target is here so I guess there is that. I’ve taken some mercenary work so I can continue to honor Norgerber but I wanted work worthy of my training. Maybe I should just risk the threat that is the “Zolann brothers.”

Tera: Letter for Seymour Flitterfluff

Inspector-Marshal Flitterfluff,

Thank you again for the information that you shared with me the other day, it was spot on, as expected of an Inspector. I feel that I must apologize for having squandered the opportunity you gave us to put a halt to the kidnapping and make it into an attempt rather than a success. I am sure you will have heard from the citizenry that we failed. We didn’t plan accordingly and were spread out too thin and had encounter the stone giant first (I took two rocks to the face). We did though (through a charm spell) find where the people are being taken to [Insert fortress location here] and are making our way there. I hope that you will still think favorable of me as a person even if you think less of us as a guild.


Tera Cogsworth

Siersha: Entry #???

I find myself almost too busy to write in this very often anymore, but I do not think I mind that so much. It keeps me distracted from being too involved in my own thoughts.

TJ’s room is perfectly fit to my tastes and she has given me a key so that I can spend time in there when she is not around. She has also given me a ring, which has a permanent deathwatch spell cast on it. She has a matching one. They are linked, so I can tell when she is in trouble and she can tell when I am.

She will be working on translating the book we found with the ancient Meglam writing inside. She easily removed the gloves from the hands and I now have a pair of very useful gauntlets.

I do not plan on telling her that I have taken a nap or two in her bed. It is too luxurious to resist.

I bid the reader farewell and hope to write soon.


Tera: Whip-it, whip-it real good

I just don’t know what the heck these guys did to piss off my government so badly that they sent a bounty hunter after the guild. I suppose I could have gone with the man with the whips, plausible deniability and all but something tells me he wasn’t going to let a single one of us continue on. We got him to run off very quickly and I was a little disappointed by that. I was all ready to prove myself as a competent combatant and then he just took off before I could burn some spells on him.

At least I made a new ally in Seymour Flitterfluff, an agent of one of the marshals. He gave me some good information as well as a good night. Was a fun time and I hope to have a repeat after we solve the issue of the kidnappings.

Siersha: Musings

Siersha makes it a point to not get too close to anyone. It’s a smart decision in her opinion; she’s been hurt too many times in the past to even bother. She doesn’t remember most of the times – many were in her past lives – but she can recall the feelings associated with them. It isn’t something she wants to experience often, so she makes every effort to stay aloof and distant.

Most people don’t bother to fight that. They just shrug it off, finish their business with her, and are on their way.

TJ, however, isn’t like that. The first time they met, she greeted Siersha and hugged her like they were the best of friends. Normally this wouldn’t bother the Samsaran, but the behavior continued. TJ chatted with her like they’d known each other for years and dragged her into her bedroom to “hang out.”

The hanging out part Siersha doesn’t mind so much. TJ’s room is luxurious and dark, perfectly fit to Siersha’s tastes. Silk sheets and velvet cushions, dark curtains, violet coloring… She finds it nice and comfortable. She also can just relax there while TJ talks at her.

At least, that was how it started out.

Now Siersha finds herself actually talking back, having conversations with the changling. She shares her tea with the other and TJ brings her pastries from the Baker’s Guild. There’s something about TJ that’s intriguing; the smaller female doesn’t fear death, rather she welcomes and looks forward to it. It’s an outlook that Siersha hasn’t run into very many times.

It’s refreshing to someone like the oracle, who reincarnates after every death, born again as a Samsaran, sometimes even an oracle, again and again and again. She has no idea how many lifetimes she’s lived, nor does she really care to know. But TJ believes in a new life after death, something Siersha can relate to.

Sitting on the changling’s couch, her legs propped onto the foot rest in front of her, she catches her thoughts and stops them. Getting close to someone is a bad idea, she reminds herself.

But… TJ is genuine and kind. She wouldn’t let Siersha down on purpose. Maybe the Samsaran can even continue their relationship after TJ’s death, considering her extensively long lifetime and the other’s wish to become undead or something similar.

And she supposes it isn’t a horrible thing to be supplied with as many pastries as she desires.

Without anyone else around to see, Siersha allows herself a small smile into her cup of tea.

Siersha: Night Walks

The road is dark and empty. It’s how Siersha prefers it – company isn’t really her thing. At first glance, she makes a rather easy target: thin (almost unhealthily so), tall, frail. She doesn’t look like much at all. In fact, she looks kind of like she could be blown away in the wind.

Anyone with their wits about them, however, could tell that she’s anything but an easy target. The aura she gives off is dangerous and cold and her blank white eyes are emotionless. She has no qualms about hurting someone to keep herself safe.

Lifetimes upon lifetimes have made her unsurprised at anything that occurs. She isn’t very shocked by much anymore and she doesn’t find herself experiencing many emotions. So many experiences and lives and feelings have caused dullness and boredom. The only things she finds enjoyment in any longer are tea, baths, and pastries.

Especially tea.

She always has a teapot and a cup or two on her person at all times. When she can’t carry that, she keeps a small container filled with iced tea. It has gotten to the point where the tea she makes is always good, if not wonderful.

Some day she’ll learn how to bake so that she can make her own pastries. It’s always best to know how to make or do your favorite things on your own. Having to rely on other people is frustrating and annoying.

The smartest thing anyone can do is to learn to fend for themselves, because in the end, you’re all you have.

Siersha knows this all too well.

Tera: Party Hardy Kobold Time

Well it did not take long after joining The Bolting Buck to go on an important mission. Was sort of surprised how quickly it took for me to “acclimate” into the guild. If anything it seems like I’ve made a friend (possibly friend with benefit) with Akvah who is also a new comer as well as that adorably fluffy bartender, Rita.

My first mission was to take down the Kobold General Ozolo. We spent a few days finding his fortress and along the way I appeared to kill some civilians on a dock. I let my prejudice about Kobolds get the best of me and being that I know what it is like to be thought down on, I shouldn’t have acted so rashly. From now on I resolve to think before I act instead of going in guns blazing. I don’t need to work so hard to prove myself. Anyways, the fight with Ozolo was very inconvenient being that his thrown had a special gem that absorbed fire spells and projected a giant hologram. In the end we proved more powerful but it was a close fight and I accidentally worked against us a few times.

Hopefully next mission will be less taxing or at least more suited to my talents.


Drott: Changes

The Guild is getting larger. And not any more powerful. I am okay with the dwarf settling into the tavern. He was never a strong fighter. But several of the members — I feel they do nothing. Landen will insist otherwise. But I never see the take jobs from the board. Perhaps there is favoritism for them and they have access to better jobs with better pay. I’m too distrusting to say that it is unlikely.

We have taken care of two of the reptilian generals. We should not hesitate before we strike, again. Once the slave girl brings Styx and Zaius home, we should pick a new target. Until that time, let the others go and prove themselves.

new queen in town
new times

I am phage the incest queen :

As queen I will ask my trusty servant (William T. Riker) to write this note for me.

And start

today his majesty got to his new home. Its called the bolting buck. As soon as his majesty walked through the door his majesty could tell this place would do nicely for the swarm.

his majesty talk to the man at the front desk. he gave his majesty a key and told his majesty to make his-self at home. He also informed his majesty that there is a job board that he can look at if his majesty wanted to start to make some cash.

his majesty thought it would be best if we put this off for now to take a look around the town.
As his majesty walk around town, we found the carpenters guild. With a long talk with the guild it sounds like they do not like the bolting buck that much.

his majesty stopped by some other places around town. The next one was called the leaf layers. his majesty really likes these people. they seem to be more about nature then a lot of the other people around town. After hours of wondering the hall his majesty found the guild leader. she seems a little strange but hey his majesty think she could make a good addition to the swarm.

by this time it was getting late so his majesty though it best if we went back home for the night. his majesty is a wise man. so ends this note.

best of luck


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