Siege of Exterrea

Siersha: Dream Journal Entry #688

I was a child in my most recent dream. Everything towered above me. I had trouble reaching the tall table upon which a woman was preparing food. I can only assume she was my caretaker of some sort, as she scolded me and assured me that supper would be ready soon, so I could stand to wait a bit longer.

My child self was put out by this response and pouted, to which the woman smiled affectionately and sent me outside to fetch my father.

Time seemed to pass suddenly and I was slightly older, though still very much a child. I was concentrating hard, my hands making small gestures and my lips forming words. I grew more and more frustrated as nothing happened, but then — the small cut of fabric in front of me changed from dull grey to a bright shade of green.

I beamed, feeling accomplished, and rushed out to tell my mother of my success. When I demonstrated, she was very impressed and proud.

As I woke that morning from my dream, a small feeling of being cared for lingered. Somewhere, somewhen, I had a family that had treated me as families should treat their children. At least some incarnation of myself had been raised well.

Nami: Meanwhile


Tera: Hero's End


Aodris: Fly Thee To Thy Rest

We have lost a comrade today. Perfidious saw it occur. We are not quite sure what happened.

May she find peace in the land of eternal dream.

Viscaria: Frustration

Viscaria screamed, her hair a mess of white curls around her face (more so than normal, that is). Her eyes blazed with anger, causing the man in front of her to cower. He was pathetic, a runt of a man in personality, and she wished she had someone more worthy to break.

He would have to do, as her resources were a little limited at the moment.

This was one of the rare moments when Viscaria found herself involved in the mutilation. Normally she sat back, smile on her face, as she broke the victim’s mind. Today, however, she needed to take out her aggression in a different way.

The dagger in her hand sliced across the man’s face, cutting down to his cheekbone. He shrieked, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy the witch.

No, she wasn’t even satisfied when he was a bloody mess on the floor, barely recognizable with his skin nearly in shreds and his intestines strewn about. She continued to breath heavily in fury and turned to Hemel, blood dripping from her hair and face. Her dress, of course, was long ruined.

“Get me another one, someone more… entertaining.”

He nodded and, for once, seemed to be filled with something akin to glee. “Yes, milady.”

Viscaria: Mothers

My mother is a horrible person who can rot in hell.

I cannot believe she would send me on this… journey.

I hate doing her dirty work.

Aodris: Knowledge is the Wing

We have conversed with a most interesting fellow in our mind. He was unable to help us rescue our companion, who had to be extricated by weaving the tiles in a pattern on the floor, but he was intriguing nonetheless.

Of note: our magic has been unreliable in this place. Most unsettling.

Also of note: We came across our mother, who has apparently been studying this place! She saved all of us from a terrifying monster just in time. Apparently she has encountered the Fire Princess, although they split up some time ago and she is not sure of her location now. She has promised to pause her research to help us search, so she must be concerned.

Tera: Undead, Undead Everywhere, and Not A TJ In Sight

We spent the better part of the other day going around to embassies trying to amass an expedition group to find TJ. We actually managed to get a group together from the various countries, which is pretty impressive coming from us. Either way we made our way to a ruin that TJ was last seen and are about to make our way into it. May luck be on our side and be well TJ.

Aodris: To Their Children They Are Heaven's Lieutenants

A bright spot among the refugees: We have found our father once more! It is a pleasure to see him again and a relief to know that he is well amidst the recent events. Our mother is yet unaccounted for; he has not been in contact with her lately. But she knows how to take care of herself.

We found ourselves in an ancient ruin filled with statues. They are not the best conversationalists, but one cannot be too picky in times like these.


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