Siege of Exterrea

Aodris: Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them

We have attended a party of highly agreeable society types. As much as we appreciate our comrades, it is nice to enjoy the company of our peers at times. We are pleased to have had the opportunity.

It was quite an eventful day. We were set to identify and attend a certain secret meeting. Little did we know that the other attendees would be hosting multiple secret meetings, to which we were immediately invited! We believe that we are doing quite well on our task, therefore, though we cannot say that it has been a hardship. Tiring, certainly, but most enjoyable. Apparently such is the custom for secret meetings in this place, although it makes little sense why the entire group was sent, if so. Perhaps it is that sort of meeting.

We also discovered a secret wine cellar behind a non-secret wine cellar, so we obtained the beverage that the hobo man seeks. We are most pleased as our hosts’ generosity.

We were also invited to a secret meeting by our companion Nami. She is….really quite excellent at such things. I was impressed. Perfidious believes this is not quite the mission we were sent for, but there is no harm in such things, surely.

Nami: In Search of a Good Mark

The last couple of weeks I have gotten a few messages that have caused me to be away from guild business. They were correspondences from my masters about some marks that needed taking care of. They were easy marks that do no justice to my patron god. Maybe the guild will be up to something worthy of my god.

Siersha: Dream Journal Entry #634

I would not call what I had last night a dream; it was much closer to a nightmare. It may have been a memory or it may very well have been brought on by the spirits that follow me.

Either way, I found myself in a dark void, stretching in all directions. I could not hear anything, nor see anything. When I looked down, my body was invisible. I attempted to lift my hand to my face to see if I could see it when it was close enough, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not feel my arm moving. There was no sensation in any part of my body.

The silence pressed in on me, almost suffocating. It was like nothing I’ve ever encountered before. Then, without warning, a shape appeared directly in front of me and suddenly I could hear the scraping of its bones, the shrieking of its voice, the echoing screams of its past victims. Unable to move, I watched as it opened its maw, stretching wide enough to encompass me whole. Inside its stomach, I could see a liquid black mass, boiling and rolling, and feel the heat from where I was. It stank of death and tar.

The last thing I felt before I woke was the searing heat and the sticky substance embracing me.

My body was almost burning to the touch and my hair was burnt at the tips. I had to trim the ends off to get rid of the charred bits.

Aodris: Fan the Moonbeams From His Sleeping Eyes

The two that we were meant to defend on the trial have disappeared. We are not entirely sure what happened; perhaps they fled to escape their persecution. And after we delivered such a stirring defense, too. That green fellow, we believe, was entirely won over to our side!

Some various other things happened and we informed several children of the colors of the universe. It is a privilege to be able to shape the minds of the young. We also encountered a very disagreeable person and his retinue. They were reluctant to cooperate with us, so we had to put them to sleep for awhile so they would relax. We are pleased that we can now move about the earth unnoticed; the heavens have granted us a great boon.

Tera: You mother fucker!

I went through a hellish couple of weeks because Inspector Flitterfluff just had to fake his death. Bastard couldn’t have done that somewhere less likely to get the guild pinned for his murder? Oh curses, Danniph. Sigh Not that I have any obligation to save him or anything, nor can I leave the country. Well maybe the others will save him…. Never mind he is so fucked. When I can I’ll have to write a letter to the others after they worked so hard to save my tail. All said and done…. I am really glad that Seymour is alive.


Siersha: Dream Journal Entry #614

I was flying. It was a wonderful feeling — freeing, somehow. I was weightless and soaring through the air like I was a bird. When I looked down at my hands, they were shriveled and blackened. Somehow, I knew it was due to the curse of being what I was, what I am now as well.

This curse didn’t diminish my joy in flying. I was so happy that I laughed out loud. It wasn’t foreign from those lips as it is to mine. Laughter is so rare now.

I landed not long after and the dream ended. When I awoke, I could still feel the wind on my cheeks and my hair felt windswept.

Tera: The End

The trial is today and I face my inevitable end. If I had known that things would turn out this way, that I would meet someone and then be framed for their death, I would have never left Senta’Marin. The bad has not out weighed the good in this event. Sigh There was so much more I wanted to do.

Time trials

Well my swarm we are in real trouble now. I cant seem to figure out what went wrong with the units in my swarm. They tell me the bard and the girl are criminals. I don’t see them doing that so now for the swarm I will try to get them off. I know that we will come together and be a better swarm.

I will let the talking man do his thing for now. I will make sure this trial goes in my favor. I will have my servants back. No one leaves the swarm.

no one….

Viscaria: The Defense

The people working on the defense for those criminals are hilarious! One of them is a wonderful gentleman with good commentary and interesting habits (he introduced himself as Aodris). I think I’ll keep following them around for a bit longer. Maybe I can even do so after the trial. It’s not like I have anything else to do.


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