The Siege of Exterrea

Drott: The Journey to 16 Rivers: Part 2-2
RE: Is this the end for the brothers?


That shriek was unmistakable. And so is that wing-span. It is Styx. And the bear sees him, too. Now’s our chance.

Drott places his hand on his brother’s shoulder, and the Zolannese warrior grew several feet in height. Kane immediately swung at the animal and bear-ly (see what I did there?) hit it, opening its flesh. The bear roared, it’s mouth as large as a human head. The bear growled and began to back away.

It’s afraid. And knows we can harm it. We can avoid this fight and keep moving.

Kane swung again, striking the creature in the face. It roared again, its mouth filled with blood. Styx swept in from behind and mangled its back a bit more. The animal tried to run, but it was now surrounded. Kane struck it a couple more times, and the animal collapsed to the ground.

“Look, Brother. We have meat!”

“It seems we do. Let’s make our way back to camp.”

“Yes.” Kane took a moment to look around. “Which way is it?”

“I don’t know. This is the reason we need a guide.” Drott turned to Styx, who had already begun to feast on the dead animal. “Styx. Kaw kaw, k’kaw kaw, kaw.”

“Kaw, kaw.”

“Kaw. Kaw kaw, k’kaw.”

“Kaw.” Styx took flight. “Kaw kaw.”

“Styx will lead us to it. You can carry the food. He wants some when we get there.”

Kane shrunk back down to his normal size and threw the dead animal over his back. “Yeah. Sure.”

The two brothers began to march through the forest. “Why would you think the beast would attack you?”

is this the end for the brothers? part 2
brothers find a guild

the Brothers find them-selves in a forest being chased by a huge bear.

brother its time to run (kane)

what (drott)

no time to explain just start running (kane)

with that a bear comes crashing into the clearing.

the brothers start to run again with styx over head.

brother why are we being chased by a bear? (drott)

I swear it was not me this time(kane) styx I think attacked him and now is making us run.

drott looks up into the sky and shakes a fist at styx

(drott) dam you bird.

the brothers do a zig zag pattern hoping to shake the beast. But to no luck.

Brother we might have to split up to lose this bear.(kane)

not sure I like that idea (drott)

Brother at least you can live I am sure i can out run this bear over time. (kane)

ok ok I don’t like it but lets try it. when I say go you turn left and I will go right (drott)

but i want to go right brother (kane)

ok fine lets just do this (drott)

one, two three, go!(drott)

as drott said go the group under kane gives way

ah a mole hole(kane)

with that he falls on his face tripping drott

I guess we fight brother (kane)

(t@## f#@ B!@$%#$)(drott with his face in the groud)

what was that brother (kane)

time for battle(drott)

with that the brothers take a position to fight the bear waiting for it to come into view.

the forest goes quite in anticipation for the fight. Then nothing not sound what so ever.

where is he (kane)
not sure (drott)

like a flash from the side the bear takes the brothers by surprise

(will the brothers live who knows find out next time)

Hlvart: A most grand discovery!
Finally work pulls through again.

By the gods ‘Vart you sure have been doing a number on things out there. Its like you’re starting to become just like the rest of them, just you have a tendency of blowing things up instead.

Yes, yes, Krill I have noticed this. Its so unlike me. It actually makes me feel a little disturbed.

A quite poof is heard in the back ground.

I thought all this would be exciting and I would travel, being more useful. These damn blasted brutes have seen to things otherwise. …If i could only stay around here, but I keep hoping maybe the next job will be different.

Something bubbles lightly followed by a hiss.

Right, things be different with this crowd. Though I must say, you seem to have gotten quite adapt at being selfish with your gift.

Oh its not like they really need it anyway. Plus it gets a little tiring watching them just charge blindly in to the fray. I’m not little my talents go to waste on them. I’ll tend to their wounds and try to heal them up after but,

But nothing! I remember when you stood up for Gina, used your gift for good. Its not wasted on them if it can help keep people alive.


Besides, its not like anyone seems to be on to your little secret anyways.

Look Krill, as a blinding flash goes off, they run off before I can do anything normally. Fool hardy, blood thirsty and selfishly. …I suppose I can justify it all I want. I guess sometimes I don’t know if what we do is “good.” The way I see it, getting in their way won’t stop anything. I mean, helping fight off savages is one thing, but actively seeking people out to kill. it doesn’t seem right to me. The least I can do next time is to try and see if things can be fixed with words first.

Now your thinking. Using your head like that. Stick to what you know. People are your thing, outshine them that way.

Ha, I think I did it! I’m sorry what did you say krill?

Never mind it. Have you finally made a break through?

Aodris: Steal Me Awhile From Mine Own Company

Perfidious, these are most intriguing days. What do you suppose the stars have in store for us now that we have defeated the angry general?

Screaming shits, man, you almost got us trampled by a giant lizard. Have a little more fucking CAUTION.

Apologies, dear friend. We shall have to take care to remain a bit more out of the way in the future.

And that’s another thing. You don’t mean to say you actually trust these bastards?

They have never been anything but friendly.

I mean, some of them are probably fine, I’ll admit, but I don’t trust those Zolannese. They keep going off in the corners to “discuss” things.

Well, they are brothers, after all.

And that fucking giant bird gives me the shivers. I think you should steal his soul before he eats us.

I do not know how to steal souls, my friend. Nor would I if I could. Souls are fractious things, best left to their owners.

Someday I’m going to get some gods-damned sense out of you.

Siersha: Dream Journal Entry #539

My dream last night was rather interesting, if vague. I found myself in a small clearing of a forest, surrounded by towering trees, devoid of leaves. When I looked down, my feet were completely obscured by the deep snow on the ground. I did not seem to feel the cold of the season.

I was alone throughout the dream, something that I do not see often in my dreams. It was pleasant for me, and I found the scenery peaceful and tranquil. The purity of the undisturbed snow was beautiful and I wish I could remember it more clearly.

I spent a long time in that clearing — the entire duration of the dream, in fact. When I awoke, I felt calm and well-rested. That is something I do not often experience when I wake up from my dreams. I think I enjoy the change of pace.

Aodris: Those That Are Fools, Let Them Use Their Talents

We found a lion in the jungle. The Cleric seems to have adopted it. A shame. It would have been an excellent companion in our royal halls. Although perhaps it would attempt to eat you. We could not have that.

We met—or at least heard from—the ruler of the jungle. A most affable individual.

The others seem to have stumbled upon some sort of plot regarding the neighboring country. Some manner of evil has taken it over, and we must cause it to cease. We are not entirely sure WHAT manner of evil; the stars chose to speak to us again at that moment. Thanks to the plants of this jungle, we have learned to imitate their flexible movements.

What shall fate hold for us next?

Hlvart: They Finally found a direction they like!
Even a dwarf passes out eventually.

Conversation in dwarven in the basement.

Krill! You have no idea how exciting things have gotten. downs a pint It seems like everyone is working together, without me needing to try in vain to keep them from messing everything up. downs a pint Its like a blasted miracle from Cayden himself smiles on me now for all my days helping people celebrate. These people, downs a pint, can’t possibly screw this up without straight up dying themselves! Oh Krill, we may finally have some kind of freedom to just stay here and work. I know the place is a bit of a fix’r up’r but it used to be majestic! Just look at the detail in these pillars…. downs a pint, slowly

Vart, I really think you need to relax a little. I can see how this is good news but you know you will most undoubtedly venture with them right? Flies and lands on his shoulder You’re good nature won’t let you do that. Plus in what I see as an error, you have proven yourself adapt at minimizing threats.

Blast… You’re right friend. Though I have done seemingly nothing before as they fought. I could downs a pint do that again.

You would never go somewhere unprepared.

Bah, why not? I could do it again. downs a pint Whossseeee gonna stop me? That twit kid and her frog? Everyone is so self involved. downs a pint

Yeah, be that as it may, you are some yourself. Always wanting to further your craft. Though you have been lax on that sense you meet these people.

And got that letter from the duke. Don’t forget that. downs a pint Blasti-frackin’ duke. downs a pint and chucks mug I show all of them. I’m the best and even though they may regret it, they will all owe me their lives. downs a pint

Oh and how do you plan on doing that?

downs a pint I’m gonna save them from dying, eternal gratitude. Lackies make everything easier. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna. passes out leaning against his brewing equipment.

is this the end for the brothers?
styx will kill them all

Run Run run is all that I can think of in a moment like this.

styx why do you have to do stuff like this?

well no use getting mad now all I have to do is run.

As i start my run through these trees I pull my sword for I know i cant out run this creature not in this tree line.

I look back to get a better look at the beast. (I think i know what this is, a short-faced bear also known as a dire bear)

I will need be smart about this (to come out alive that is)

I weave around some trees. (i think those should keep him from charging me)

A few seconds later I hear a crack and crash (nope seems trees do not slow him down)

I will try a turn (with that I make a right at a big tree.)

I run a little more. then make another turn this time to the left.

(the sounds of the beast slow fade)

I think I have lost him. I stop to look around thinking i have won. (the moment i turn to look a bear face right there )

how the hell did he get there and why has he not killed me.

time to run again.

hey look at that its brother as I come to a clearing with all the might i have i yet to him
(brother its time to run its a bear )

Hlvart: A sudden Realization
Sometimes you must play to others strengths.

Well, I have been avoiding it ling enough. It seems as though I’m gonna have to play “their” games and bend “their” rules. I think I can do that in exchange for them playing by my rules. Perhaps by finding a somewhat steady stream of jobs to their skill sets, They will sit quietly while I deal with the conversational and tactful jobs. Working with a bunch of insane morons was surely not what i expected when I accepted the letter. I would certainly have hoped the duke had better taste but it seems as though I was mistaken.

It has come to my attention that the past couple months have driven me to become more bitter towards my fellow humanoids. I had not experienced such to such a great personal degree before, sure i had seen my share of surly drunk captains and their crew but working first hand with such…debauchery, rattles me head. I must maintain focus, without it I shall never grow. If some of them happen to pass, I must admit that I may very well not mourn or even notice their journey from this plane.

Drott: The Journey to 16 Rivers: Part 2
RE: Kane and Styx

The forest is different. I’ve never imagined such heavy vegetation. I can smell smoke. The village is close. Perhaps we should have broken camp and come together. No. Kane & Styx are the reason we were removed from our last caravan. It’s best I came alone.

The townspeople are avoidant. I’m beginning to feel that there aren’t many in this land who have respect for my people. They think they’re better than us. There’s fear and hate in the eyes.

Drott opens the door to the Inn. It’s quiet. It air feels thick with tension.
“I need a guide to 16 Rivers. I have coin and Mofutan’s divine favor. Is there any man who can assist me?”

Quiet. Is there no one?

A short period of silence passed, then one man stood forward. “You should get out of town. The road to the east will take you to the main road.”

This is becoming tiring. I won’t find any help, here.

Drott the Able began to make the trek back to camp. The main road does not seem difficult to find.

The forest is cracking and collapsing. Quickly. In this direction.

Wait. What is that sound?
Is that Styx up there? And that is Kane in front of me.

“Run, Brother! We need to get out of here!”


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