Siege of Exterrea

Aodris: Reason and Love Keep Little Company

We have found some peculiar creatures in the forest. We wished to discuss our explorations with them, but instead they attacked us most inhospitably. They would not respond to our entreaties to enjoy the dreamlands instead, so we were forced to incinerate some of them.

We have tasted visions on the air, and they have brought us gifts. We expect to gain some new companions shortly. It will be good for Perfidious to have someone besides ourselves to talk to.

Now that we think of it, we cannot remember why we came out here…

Kane and styx
a monologue?

A day with styx and kane:

Kane: styx where did you get that strange looking piece of meat from?

Styx: Kaw Kaw (as his eyes look around)

Kane: well then if you wont tell me where you got it then just give me the whole thing and i will cook it up for us.

Styx: Kaw kaw kaw (grabs the meat with his talons and pulls it more under him)

Kane: Do not be that way Styx if I wanted to take it from you I would(kane starts to hear a strange noise in the distance)

Styx:(is strangely silent but takes a small bite of the meat)

Kane: dont you hear that sound you dumb bird?(as kane rises to his feet)

Styx: Kaw Kaw kaw kaw (styx seems to know something about this)

Kane: I know brother said to wait here till he comes back with another guide (kane draws the sword from his back while looking into the woods trying to find what is coming )

Styx: Kaw (styx takes flight with the meat)

Kane: what did you just say you dumb bird? (with the words of styx Kane turns tail and starts to run)

(at that moment A huge creature with blood shot eyes comes lumbering out of the woods and into the camp of the brother)

Kane: what is that ?!?! (looking over his shoulder Kane Run a little faster)

(the creature now rooting over the brothers stuff stands on his hind legs, sniffs the air, then lets out a ear shattering bellow)

(Kane can see from this angle what styx had got the meat)

(the side of the creature looks like it has been torn as if by talon)

Kane: I hate you so much right now styx. I will get you some day( with that the hunt for brothers help was on)

Styx : (One day i will kill this idiot but for now i will leave it up to this creature)

(with that Kane was off with creature in toe.)

Drott: The Journey to 16 Rivers: Part 1

Kane and myself have been traveling for over a week, now. For the past four days, we have been traveling with a caravan. It’s easier this way. They know the roads. We cannot get lost. But our time with them is coming to an end. They are turning around, where we will continue on.

It’s morning, now. Early. This land has moisture. I’m not used to so much dew. But the quiet — that I am quite familiar with. The bone beads in my hand are warm to the touch. Mofutan is with me, today.

The scream of a man. Then silence.

The tribe is now awake. Where is Kane?
I think I see him. Running, sword in hand.

“Come, Brother. We need to get out of here.”

“What did you do?”

“I cut a guy open. He was trying to steal from Styx.”


“That’s right, Styx! You found that child fair-and-square. That was your meal!”

“That… We need to leave. We should be fine. The road is easy to follow to the next town.”
“And make sure Styx avoids humanoid meals. We cannot afford to keep losing guides.”

Hlvart: The Tides Turn Against Me
Things seems to be going under.

Once again a job is botched. While I have come to enjoy the company of a select few of this guild, the rest seem to be a great hazard to my progress. I leave nice and comfortable place at Nancy’s to try and move on to what I though were better things. Alas tis not. I know not what caused our failure this time around, but it can’t have been my fault. I had done as asked, unlike those filthy humans from Zolan, and that lass Rizzi! We were told to go to the teahouse, how can those directions be that bloody hard to follow. Even that annoying musician was able to follow the simplicity of what was asked. I’m beginning to think I may spend more time trying endlessly to clean up the mess of fools lost in their own blasted heads. An exercise I’m sure will be futile.

Bah, none of them seem to have much concern for anyone other than themselves. Lucky for them I’m not as simple a brewer as one might thing, though I have learned well my past, that this must be kept a secret at all costs. The fact that the strongest of liquors burns, helps me hide it well. Though they seem not to question my “gifts” so far in their times of need. I best keep everything hidden should I be forced to leave my new home. Perhaps I can concoct something to help them sleep early.

We really should keep to smaller numbers…

Aodris: Were All the Letters Sun

We were forced to escape quite quickly from the town upon the water when we were attacked by peculiar guards. The water princess spirited us away back to shore.

Before that time, we were accosted by guards, though we had received permission to be in the city. The gentleman whom we encountered was very friendly, but the others were not. they attacked the Brewer and attempted to pull away the kind fox who had granted us beverages. We sent them to sleep, and the others put them away, we believe, forever. Will they wake? Are they dreaming? They float now beneath the waves; perhaps the water princess has taken them in.

The Lady Fox accompanied us along, as we could not be certain the guards would not return.

trust is a powerful thing
trust or bust

ok so here is a run down of my to do list.
1 get people to trust us. (in this town, guild and group)
2. tell them of the war back home
3. ????
4. profit
5. recruit all these saps to come help us fight the war.
this seems like a good time to help with this what ever we are doing here. then after a few more missions like this i am sure the whole group will start to like me and my brother. then once we got that we can get them to help the cause by being our face and recruiting more people. then when they least expect it we loot the hell out of all of them then make off to the next bunch of saps.

now what do I tell brother to make sure he will not stop me. I am sure when that time comes i comes i can make him see it my way.

Aodris: If Chance WIll Have Me King

We met certain unfriendly lizards on our path. They were most unpleasant, but we eased them along the path to dreams and thus they were appeased.

It rains here, often, bringing the scent of life along with it. We cannot say what the west wind may bring, but perhaps in time we shall learn the truth. Will these new coin magics help us along on our way? Perhaps we will have to take our boat on another journey…

We wish to advance our skills in the art of the Waffle. To that end, we have been manufacturing them for the citizens of this place. Results have so far been favorable.

Hlvart: A New Oppertunity
To further ones trade.

Well, I think I may have a new opportunity on my hands. Now that we have helped the Leaf Layers and they have done work with distilleries prior, I may be able to further my trade yet. At a hopefully more rapid pace at that. I can only imagine the vast knowledge they have of strange and exotic plants. It would certainly put The Bolting Buck on the map. All the people that would be talking, neigh, coming to The Buck for their drinks. Word would spread so far, and maybe my family back home would come and see where our secrets have brought me. Though I fear that hope is a dream of a far away time. If only they could realize that one can not hope to achieve greatness without trading knowledge. It makes it so east to learn new talents cause someone else has discovered or created them. Only then can you perfect your craft.

Yes I shall speak with them. Something shall be set up, I would happily trade with them. That would allow so much more time for me to focus on what I would rather be doing that sifting through the dirt. They can master the earth, and I shall master these affects on the body. Every tingle means something and every reaction creates something new. I wish to learn more formulas, that shall be my top priority.

On a side note, this basement can not, just can not be clearer out fast enough. Now that it is happening I find myself growing impatient with time.

Rizzi: The Only River that Won't Get Us Killed Takes Seven Weeks And I'm Soooooo Boooored!

Trees. Water. Ship. Different trees. Swampier water. Same ship… I’m going out of my mind! This is week four of the voyage of the Corvine Sister Ship Kill-Me-Now. If I die of boredom before reaching our port, bury me with my money.

It’s funny how a day of action and swashbuckling can make such an impression, that it feels like it was only yesterday. Did I mention that I fought a science boat and won? …okay, I’ll start there.

So, we’re fleeing Senta Marin with a shipment of guns, and the science police are on our tail. Apparently these guys mean business, ’cause the Zolanese man-mountain almost got gunned to death by these guys.

We’re on the boat, being pushed at lightning speeds by the Monkey girl’s magic water stick. Sadly, magic sticks are no match to Sentin metal boats (seriously, metal sinks in water, what the hell Sentins?) They were gaining on us quick, so I had to take action.

Atop of Oberon, we jumped overboard and took the fight to them. I don’t think they were ready for how fast this tubby toad can swim! I charged all for of them! …okay, well two of them were asleep thanks to Aodris’ magic, but it was still pretty amazing.

We forced them off of the boat so I could claim it as my own! But Sentin trickery knows no bounds. They rigged the damn thing to explode! Right when it was in my clutches, it blew up and nearly killed me, but Oberon rescued me.

So, we’re out of Scienceland and back in beautiful Drunkardland. Should be an easy sail home from here, right? Wrong. There were three routes, and we exhausted all of them before coming home.

Route one: Creepy Snake Lady. These people who turn into snakes boarded our boat, and their queen went on about us being “lying outsiders”, which means we didn’t lie good enough. They turned some of us into trees, so we called it a loss and turned around.

Route two: Garug-dumb and the Loser Battalion. We got the jump on their watchtowers at first, until one of them blew their stupid horn. We got to their first armed tower and set it on fire, but their dumb lizard magic put it out. We had to leave after that. On the bright side, I think we started a forest fire in their home!

Route three: WHHHYYYYYYYYY??? This is the long route. As in seven weeks of nothing happening long. We’re gonna get paid a lot less, but at least we get some money for Rizzi’s Booze-and-Game Den. We get to tally one victory for our silly guild. As long as nothing happens for the next three weeks. Twenty-one days. Sixty-three boring, bland meals. I’m buying a steak when I get back.

home sweet home
jump to life

so me and my brother made it back to the guild hall with time to spear after the mission. so after we collected our winnings we went out for fun. we made more here then we ever made in your life. now the question is what to do next? we need to get supplies for the zolanniez war but where and how? we need to slim down this team i think get rid of some of the less usefull ones but i have to do it when brothers not looking.


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