Siege of Exterrea

Nami: Hmmmm

Heal check: 25
Oh for the love of—- I appear to be pregnant. I thought it odd that I was getting ill in the mornings. Gods, this is incredibly inconvenient. I suppose the father must be Aodris, hope he likes taking care of a kid cause I am not going to deal with this.

smash her face
kill her kane

(punches wall)
I hate that bitch. so much not sure how she does it but i get sick of that dragon. I mean physically sick. I have a rage deep down that I cant control. she has bested me more then once now. I am starting to think that these people are useless. Soon if they do not show any sorta of help with that witch I might just have to invoke the zoland code. I will put them down quick and with out hesitation. they will be better off dead. they just need to keep her on the ground for me and visible I will do the rest for them. I don’t think that’s too much to ask?.

maybe I can ask landon to let me go with more competent adventurers.

Siersha: Pondering

TJ has gone on her own journey to do something that she says is… dangerous. She told me that she is not certain when she will be back, or if she will come back at all.

I worry for her. That is odd for me, considering I do not worry for people much anymore.

I will be leaving soon for my own journey along with the other guild members. We are going to meet the Dragon General. It is bound to be a difficult and dangerous fight. However, I find myself looking forward to the fight and getting out of the guild hall. It will be a chance to test the new power I have gained access to.

If I die during this encounter, then at least I will come back somewhere. Death no longer scares me. Though I will regret being unable to do more research into the religion of Meglameth.

Times are Changing
In Which Saffria Contemplates Recent Events

I’ve been thinking a lot about our last encounter with the mystical being. It’s quite a wonder that we survived, and I’m hoping we don’t face something similar again soon. But what does this mean for the future? Are we now marked creatures – will others like it seek us out? We may not be strong enough to face another one again.

It could be a story to help boost our esteem to potential clients, but I am wary of telling the tale. Often it feels as if it were a dream, something that didn’t really happen.

I am much better at dealing with humans are more… Normal monsters.

We shall see what the future holds.

Tera: What to do...

I am unsure of what to do. Now that the Mage Slayer is caught I am no longer a prisoner, which is great. The problem is now what I should do with my freedom, I left some unfinished business with the Bolting Buck. Also I miss Drott and my other guild mates. I just… How do I tell Flit that I want to go back to the guild and finish taking down the generals with them.

too much power.

What is this power with in me I feel? Is it sickness? I tired to heal it but that did not work. i also turned into every thing i could think of and that did not work. maybe its just indigestion.

then I tried to summon the swarm. what was this? I did it again. then again. then once more. the swarm seems to be more.. every time i seem to summon some of the swarm they seem to bring more friends. a lot more friends. At most I summoned 6 of them. that is right i said 6 of them.

the swarm seems to have gotten more powerful. they look stronger and more hardy. more so when I summon them one at a time. some times they seem more savage and other times seem more agile.

I need more time to see what this is all about. will let you know later.

Nami: Ummm

Yeah I regret my decision to pick up that sword. That was a bad call.

Aodris: Tempt Not a Desperate Man

We have faced a great foe and survived, although we did genuinely fear for our life at one moment. Having sight and hearing both taken from us was greatly unpleasant. We believe we have discovered a method of making ourselves less fragile for such situations in the future.

The meeting, we believe, was successfully disrupted. At least, we hope so. The winged foe whom we faced was most terrifying, but defeated in the end, and the others stated that would put an end to such conspiracies.

We are eager to be back at the inn again, so we might see if our requisition has arrived. We believe our crafting will greatly benefit from such an article.

Nami: Huh, Strange Turn of Events.

Didn’t think it would happen but I am feeling a bit more respect for that crazy bitch. She is chaotic and meaningless which I do find irksome but at the same time I am getting a bit more of an understanding of her. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still slit her neck in her sleep if I had real cause to do so but as it stands now I find that I don’t mind her so much now. Although I think her little servant is probably the most amusing thing about the bitch. It is almost cute to see him follow her around like a little love-sick puppy and she seems to not notice or not care in the least about his affections. Though I think jumping through fire to see if she is alright when he was already injured was… Problematic and frankly annoying. Might be fun to see him jump through hoops to bend over backwards for her. Heh, maybe I should seduce her just to see him cry in a corner. Afterall, crazy sex is suppose to be the best sex.

It's been a long time
In which Saffria makes her return

It’s been a long time since I adventured with the others.

I’ve been working on my own, of course, and also with a smaller group. I haven’t been around the Bolting Buck as much as in the past – and I thought that was perhaps best for me. I am not also very social, especially with the others from Zolan. I do not like being reminded of my past.

But now I feel the winds of change, and I have been asked to rejoin the larger group. They had gotten themselves into a bit of trouble, and being asked, I lent my aid. It was not as bad as I thought, and I was a valuable asset to the team.

Who knows what the future may hold? We have grown in number, vastly, and have become stronger as a whole. We have grown as well, individually, building our skills and rising from the rabble that we were.

Sometimes I feel we are still rabble, but perhaps that is only because it is in my nature to be harsh. Only time will tell what may come, but for now, my place is here.



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