Siege of Exterrea

The Soldiers of Zolann: Kane perspective
brothers to death do we part

Where should i start? Maybe with the arrow in my back or the big gaping cut from drow sword that cut me a few seconds ago. This day was just another day for a Zolann fighter like me. When I get a moment from the battle raging around me: I notice that I am surrounded by drow. I have done it again, in my blind rage of combat I have broken the enemys lines. I made peace with my god and now ready to die.

While this thought was going through my mind, a sound of what at the time seemed like thunder started not 100 feet from me. As fast as the drow surrounded me they started to run. This gave me a clear glace at what they were running from. It was a mountain of a man made of axes, leather and bone. His name was silas. I owe my life to that man. He has saved me more times then I can count. He at this moment started to rage, That sound i heard was his battle cry that made all but the most battle hardened warriors run in fear. when the moment of relief passed I quick got to his side and rejoined the ranks with my fellow kinsmen. This battle would not be lost here today…. or so I thought.

(thoughts of the day)
So me and my brother just got into this awesum town that has house and taverns and shops. I am sure we are going to make a alot of money off these people. I hate the people we have been put r
with thoues. the only one I think i can trust is the other Zolann’er. Not sure why but I think i might have to kill 1 of them to show tem hooo is the boss. I no my brother wont like this but its how we stay alive he does not no what i have been doing behind his back. God forbid he never does.

The Soldiers of Zolann

It was almost mid-day, the sun centered in the sky. The wind blew across the golden grass of the savannah. Under it, was the sound of deep breathing and swallowing of anxiety. Two opposing walls of raised shields and spears faced off. Today, those dark elves are going to die.

One falling arrow was followed by many. Spear and sword clashed with shield and steel and flesh. It’s hard to say how long it lasted. The night sky had not yet come, the arid prairie sullied by war. Man and Drow lie together in peace only in death. Someone should bury the dead.

A special letter has arrived at the camp of the Zolannese Army. It’s for a couple of foot soldiers: Drott and Kane. It is very important they receive it. Let us hope that they survived.

Aodris: Dwell In This Bare Island By Your Spell

We found the place at last, after months of searching. Perhaps weeks. Perhaps days.

We came upon the Queen of Cats along the way, and she granted us a boon. In return, she tried to claim our soul, but she received only the smallest slice of it. But it was the part that we shall not miss, and in any event we can regrow it if need be.

We learned a spell that tasted of lightning, electric-blue and tangy. We left our holdings in the care of our father; he is wise and shall protect our people in our absence.

What do you think, Perfidious, shall we answer the letter? It is farther than we have ever wandered from our people, but we may find new spells along the way.

We became slightly lost at the Causeway, but the kind fisher-king gave us the correct direction. We granted him a favor in exchange, and he requested that we catch the Black Shark. It took many days, or hours, but we prevailed against the creature; he whispered in our ear as we grasped his fin. We did not kill him; that was not requested and would have been rude. We bargained, and he agreed to accompany us back to the fisher-king, who was most pleased.

Someone mistook us for an adversary, and we were forced to seek shelter with the miller’s daughter.

The magic fills our blood along the way, a warm blanket along the difficult journey. It is our ally, our friend.

We dared not spend the night in the fairy ring, but they found us anyway. One of them wished us to remain in the forest; we won the riddle contest and were granted permission to exit.

There are not sixteen rivers. There are seven. One tastes of thyme; one of salt; one of pine; one of chocolate; one of orange; one of hot-pepper; one of nothing but the ink-black of dreams. This last is very peculiar; we suspect it may not be a river at all.

We are to travel with:
The Archer
The Shadow
The Devotee
The Partisan
The Fool
The Rider
The Brewer

Jantel: Start

Letter arrived, request from Duke Monroe. Impersonal, potentially impractical. But he’s rich and leaving Senta’ Marin for a time will be good. Should be able to put some skills to use; more if the pay’s appropriate.

Raina won’t mind me leaving for a bit. I trust Lydia to keep things in line, and arrange the necessary jobs. The others won’t care, might even be glad for the break from me showing them up.

I’ve always wanted to travel to a country of drunkards.

A Beginning at the Bolting Buck
In which Saffria receives an invitation via post
It is an average day in Sixteen Rivers, and I am mingling with average people. I haven’t been here long, but already I grow tired of the trifles these people mistake for problems in their every day lives. It is nothing compared to where I grew up, to my homeland.

I glide through the crowds, doing mundane things, such as buying produce, looking at wares, or listening to the townsfolk as they talk. I have been staying at a small inn, off the main road, and when I return from my morning stroll the inn keep, who regards me warily (I believe because I am so silent, and do not make idle talk with him, which is apparently a slight to his honor, but I digress), sighs and mutters that a letter has arrived for me today. I approach his counter, and snatch the parcel that lies between us. I am glad he did not tamper with it; I would have been able to tell and it would have annoyed me, although there wouldn’t be much I could do other than stare at him for an uncomfortable (for him only) amount of time. He mumbles a question, can I even read what is written on the paper?
I look up from the parcel, let my eyes linger on his until he shuffles from side to side, crossing his arms as a barrier before him and mumbles again as he looks away that the steps need cleaning. I allow myself a small victory smile as he totters away.
I read the letter upon returning to my small quarters. Ah, a letter from the Duke. Important business – his kind do call upon mine from time to time, when they have need of our services. But I feel this is a different matter all together, since he wishes to meet in a public place and the letter feels… Impersonal, at best.
Sincerely having nothing better to do in this… ‘quaint’ town, I decide to attend. Money is something I always appreciate having in a higher quantity than my current stock, and it could be an interesting, if not amusing, adventure indeed.

Arrival to the Bolting Buck
Tavern Hopping
Late last night as I was getting ready to start my shift at Nancy’s Harbor Cafe, I was handed a letter. I opened it peering at the writing, glancing over the words, noticing that it is signed from Duke Manroe. I put the letter away to read later, before starting at my shift. It was a fairly lucrative eve. As the night comes to a close and I retired to my room, re-examining the letter from the Duke. Reading, in short, it was a summons to a tavern I’ve heard stories about before called The Bolting Buck Tavern. Through the latter half of the night I spent my time working on finishing my Fervor Mead.

Once the next day’s sun rises..
I rose from my bed, late morning. After a quick breakfast, and gathering of my things, I head out to the Bolting Buck. I took a rather lengthy stroll there around noon. As I came upon the the building, it had an old decrepit looking visage. An old drunkard lies past out on the front porch, and the pillars look finely carved yet still very worn from the years. I push through the double doors…

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