Siege of Exterrea

Dukes, Dragons and not enough Rum
The Journey to Duke Ted

The day started early, far too early. It wasn’t long after he and his guild mates were aboard an estranged tour boat that Daniiph started feeling good. It was a brand new day and with it another adventure! (And the attractive tour guide didn’t hurt either) Over all it was a bland tour and Daniiph struggled to hold interest; aside from the obvious marketing set up with a mermaid –that was quite a sight to see! Daniipih was very happy to see her again when they were ashore, though he failed to make a decent impression… ‘Oh well, there are other fish in the sea’ thought Daniiph. And hey, maybe if he caught a big enough one, it could win her over. That however will have to wait for another day.

The best part of the whole tour was when Daniiph caught a glimpse of TJ passing by on another boat. They looked to be having fun and Daniipih was more than jealous. That too will have to wait for another day.

Daniiph had thought he’d seen it all, but a Dragon for a Duke –That one’s new! He wasn’t too nice, but than again he wasn’t too mean either. It’s just a good thing they found him in a good mood and themselves in good company. It turns out Dragon Duke’s like to eat Cobald. Daniiph had always agreed that when it comes to food or what people choose to put in their mouths –It’s better to leave it as; “To each their own”. Daniiph did do the duke the service of spicing his meal up for him with a little Black Barrel Rum. Aside from being a fine brew, it also makes quite the meat flavor enhancer.

Daniipih would be lying if he said he wasn’t at least a little bothered that they had been brutally betrayed and left to die by TJ and her friends. Though he can let that go if it gives him the chance to team up with her personally for a mission or two … for the sake of the guild of course!

The way out was about as dull as the way in, with exception to a pathetic attempt at an ambush. Who knew a nap could be so lethal? At least they were able to make good time back to the guild with the help from some old dusty statues. Hopefully they would be able to get some actual work done now, and with a bit of luck –maybe before the others catch up!

Rizzi: River Boats and a Big Racist Dragon!

I gotta say, I didn’t see this little mission going the way it did!

So the Duke of Ted’s a dragon. A friggin’ dragon! And a big’un too! He seemed to really like us… by which I mean he really liked me. I know it’s because I’m simply irresistible and command awe and respect, though him being old and racist favoring little Corvine girls maybe helped a little too. Hey, I’m no little girl, but even I’m not bold enough to argue with a giant dragon!

he’ll make an excellent ally against the other dukes

Oh yeah, I got side-tracked! So we got to the Ted-dragon by boat. But not just any boat. It was a tour boat of the acid swamps. Sounded soooo boring, until I saw that the thing had huge crossbow thingies on it! I manned one of those so I wouldn’t have to row if the situation arose

We saw the pleasure boat of the Duke of Larry, along with some of the other dukes and those assholes We also saw a mermaid kick a monkey dude’s ass! She’s also the shopkeeper at the souvenir shop and totally made this trip worth while! I’ll laugh every time I eat an orange now.

So we give the dragon the letter. Guess what, geniuses? Nobody bothered to read it. I figured at least one person around here would know how to forge a duke’s seal… well, if you want to blackmail your enemies someday, you’ll have to do it yourself Turns out the flirty chick and the stain-sucker with the bowler hat royally screwed us out of our reward money, and maybe even our lives if it wasn’t for the dragon’s ambiguous bias kindness. Those assholes are gonna pay. Messed with the wrong glaive-weilding badass.

We got some deer statues that teleport you to the Bolting Buck. Now that’s some trippy magic right there. It’ll be useful, though a liability if fallen into the wrong hands. We also missed another reward: the Landon guy is slippery as an eel. No wonder he can put up with that stick-in-the-mud marshal.

So… we’re still broke. How are we gonna build my bar/guild hall/fortress of domination/den of sin at this rate!?

The Soldiers of Zolann: Kane perspective 2
kill or be killed

Kill or be killed!!! silas would always say. I would reminded him of this when he shouted out his next orders to us. “We need to fall back men all of us.” he glanced at me as he uttered these words. I would follow this man to the ends for the earth, but why would he haves us fall back at this turning point in the battle. It was around that thought when I noticed it was getting harder to see. “Dam you sun why do you set on a battle like this.” I thought to myself. Next on my mind, “where is my brother?” In my killing rage I lost track of him. I must find him. Nothing else matters now but finding him.

where are you Drott
I swear to god if you have dead then I will kill you again.

kane thought of the day I hate this man with a passion. I want to kill him. soon we shall get rid of him. we will give him to his wife. I do hate that she is a drow though.

A Reflection on the Past
In which Saffria thinks back on her childhood in Zolann

There was never enough food.

There was never enough food and the streets and people smelled the same – it wasn’t pleasant, and as I grew I became repulsed by my fellow country people.

So I watched, waited, learned. Like most of the other children I grew up around my schooling was minimal. I learned simple math, my letters, how to read the signs plastered to the walls outside buildings. Fresh Meat! Workers Wanted! Or less interesting ones proclaiming the end of the world was neigh or that such and such public figure was a fraud. I suppose I was lucky in that I grew up in a large city instead of out in the country, where the land was harsh and it was nearly impossible to make a living growing produce or raising cattle. In the city there were people to pick pocket, there were carts to pilfer from and, if you were very lucky, someone might notice you and teach you what they knew.

Such was my case, but it was a rough journey, to stand out in a crowd. One human among thousands. One hungry child in a crowd of hungry children whose blank faces all looked the same. But I had a skill most of them did not. I was patient. I was silent, watching and waiting. Where my formal education was lacking I filled the gaps with knowledge I found to be far more valuable – the daily routines of law enforcement (allowing me to plot and time my takings as to not be caught), how to rotate between stands and carts so that I would not be noticed, how to blend in seamlessly so that I could see everything and everyone without being seen.

As a child, those were the most important to me. As I grew older I added to my bank of knowledge, learning who the local few wealthy were, the names of the well-off merchants and news of the lands that stretched far out beyond my own. But none of that mattered as a child.

Nothing mattered but the hunger I felt and the desire I had to leave, and to never return.

The Soldiers of Zolann: Drott the Able

A spear punctured through the wicker shield, the point caught in the weave. But it wasn’t enough. The might behind the blow kept pushing forward, and the spearhead pierced the chest, and pulled back, shield and all. The Zolannese soldier collapsed to the ground, hemorrhaging into the dry earth. That’s when he felt a the touch of a human hand and the power of life running into him. As he opened his eyes, he saw the flat face of another Zolanese warrior looking down on him.

Today is not your day to die.

And without saying anything more, the man left him. He found a spear beside him, using it to stand to his feet. And the soldier who clearly saved his life was nowhere to be seen.

Drott continues to explore the battlefield.

Where is Kane? He’s too reckless. He’s going to get himself killed.

Three Zolannese warriors run past, back to the front line. Two of them make it, the third struck by an arrow.

The arrow killed him instantly. There’s no saving this one.

A drow foot soldier slowly approached. He hid a grin of ill intent behind his sword and shield. He’s confident, underestimating, vulnerable.

The sword came down and and made no contact. Drott avoided the clumsy swing and reacted quickly with his spear, thrusting it into the abdomen of the drow combatant. His enemy was stunned. Drott pulled his weapon back and pierced the soldier a second time, and repeated this motion a third and final time, before the elf dropped to the ground.

Our army is retreating. This skirmish is over. And dusk has yet to come.

Aodris: Reason Not The Need

We traveled on a river, we believe, although when looked at with the left eye, it seemed to be made solely of stardust. We met a duke of tooth and claw, and his words tasted of fire.

Along the way, there were trees carved of ivory, and a raft carved of ice. Those who meant to stop us followed our path, but we left them behind. We had occasion to scold a snake, and found statues that take us on paths uncharted.

We are unsure as to the nature of our companions; they are all so different. The Brewer has offered to combine drinks if we bring him the ingredients. We shall bring him stars, and magic, and the light in one’s eye when one learns a new truth. It shall be glorious.

We have seen more spells in our dreams, and may now share the joy with others.

We are off on another quest now, accompanying certain others. We misremember exactly what we were sent to find, but surely it will come across our path in due time. It would not do to find a thing before it was meant to be found. But the others are in a hurry, always flitting about. We would teach them patience, but such a lesson, if applied strictly, is not a lesson at all.

Hlvart: A large change comes quickly.
It seems as though another change in life strikes with traveled brewer.

Upon return to The Bolting Buck

Its the end of day two working for Duke Monroe. Its starting to feel like I may have gotten roped into something over my head. Its almost pleasant, like drowning in a sea of knowledge. The chance to explore the world! The new spices and flavors I could find seem endless as I have no idea where I will be going. Thankfully it would seem that I have some well trained swords for hire in my vicinity. Self image is a priority of a few of them, constantly needed to rephrase statements from “I” to “we.” That or riches, many a time they are quick to inquire of payment and rewards, and rather selfishly at that. That estranged brother from Zolan were excessively adamant about holding on to those magic statues. Afraid of what would happen if they lost possession of such a magical item. Do they not understand that often with magic, value is lost if you don’t even know how it works and what its honest effects are? But I digress…

It is quite the varied lot that the Duke seems to have assembled. The elven one, Jantel, seems to have taken a trust to me. He left the letter to be delivered in my hands. I can only assume its due to the fact that those around me have very vocal and boisterous personalities, as if to draw attention to themselves. All the better for me as it allows me to work on my experiments in peace.

The wee lass Rizzi, she seems to have a large investment to living the place up a bit and to restore it back to it former glory. It might not be a bad idea, though I admit that I enjoy working at Nancy’s, to be apart of this as its restored to “life…” I could be the brewMASTER, with glorious new concoctions, to be made famous across the land. First though i must get my tools from the Harbor Cafe…Perhaps Rizzi will help. She does seem very gun-ho about restoring this place. Perhaps she could be my greatest ally in this endeavor. it tough to say…

Later in the eve.

My breakthrough lately have been many! I made a new discovery! As long as it is clear I seem to be able to read all writing and understand foreign spoken tongues. This is glorious! I must not get a head of myself though, I knew I was close to something but this is more than expected! I must keep the research heavy, for before to long I know I’ll hit another wall. I always do but progress shall reign till then. I shall return to the guild and celebrate.

Hlvart: A shanty by the sea.
A night of discovery.

As we set up shop for the night to rest, I had pulled out my alchemical tools and materials to begin research again. Tediously I fumble, mix, play with the set. The small explosions don’t seem to bother the rest of the travelers, least not that I could tell for I was quite enthralled with my activities.

As the hours went by I had a few different mixtures that I attempted but they ended as normal brews. Disappointed and about ready to give up and call it a night I made one last attempt. Throwing together a couple things and giving it a good stirring, I finally take a swig. The feeling in my gut feels warm and comforting. The temperature grows more comfortable, the air more relaxing. I made sure to quick write it down. With such a beautiful drink berthed here, I can now rest easy.

Aroused early the next morning, there is a vanaran at the door, beckoning us to get moving for the day…

Rizzi: Last One to the Party

Alright, so there I was in the armpit of Corvine, just a mile away from the town of Rumlump. I guess you could call it a town only because it has shops and visitors and stuff, but seriously this place is a trash heap. My booze supply was just about gone and hell, I wanted to party tonight.

Out of the blue this guy comes up to me. He looks at Oberon and back to me and mutters something like, “Yeah, this has to be her.” He introduces himself as Sven, or Swan, or Sam, or hell I don’t remember. The guy looks tired as shit so I offer him a drink. He gladly takes some and gods could this guy put it down! Not as well as me though. Hehehe…

I get to reading the letter, and it’s from the floppin’ Duke Monroe! Extravagant bastard… anywho, he wants me to come meet him at the Bolting Buck to talk about some mission and pay. Duke Monroe plus pay equals a very rich Rizzi! To be sure, I interrogate the Schwenn guy to make sure he’s not bs-ing me, and he’s pretty serious about it.

So get this, out of the blue an arrow sinks right into the guy’s shoulder! It looked like it hurt — he screamed like a baby. Goblins snuck up on us, probably not hard since we were both drunk and talking loudly. While the poor lightweight was moaning on the ground, I saddled up onto Oberon and gloriously charged into battle!

Nah, I’m just kidding! We slipped into the underbrush, and when the first goblin came over to kill the whimpering man, Oberon grabbed the little rat and pulled him in. Before it even knew what happened, I cut the thing’s head clear off! I got the jump on another one a few yards away. The last one was going in to stab the letter guy, so we spun around and I stabbed it in the heart! Little rat bastards, don’t mess with Rizzi the Ruthless! Ahahahaha!

And with that, we set off towards 16 Rivers. It’s a way better place for a party than that dump Rumlump. I’m gonna make bank, then party like never before! Maybe he’ll give me some political sway, so I can move one step closer to my super secret amazing quest. Heheheheeee….

Oh yeah… I left the letter guy in the swamp, injured and half drunk, didn’t I? Oh well.

Daniph sets out for 16 rivers

It was a typical night. Daniph was on his usual Tavern crawl, on stop … five, or was it eight? It doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the night going exactly as any decent night ought to. Plenty of Drink, laughter, song and Drink! Daniph had just finished inspiring a group of young ladies to leave the safety of their stools and join everyone else in the fun, when suddenly the tavern door opened.

The man who entered was soaking wet from what seemed to be quite the downpour. Odd. Thought Daniph. It had been a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky when Daniph had entered this Tavern … and it’s on stop ten on his tavern crawl, or was it eleven? It doesn’t really matter, this soggy fellow was more then welcome to join in their fun. Daniph approached the man with a mug of warm mead and offered it to the man. As he accepted Daniph attempted to strike up a conversation and add one more to the celebration he had started
“This should do well in warming you up and turning that night of yours around. Here friend, join the party!”
As Daniph spoke the man seemed to only half listen (something Daniph is quite used accustomed to actually). The man was scanning from table to table as if looking for someone.
“Are you here to meet a date?” The man continued to scan faces and outfits, “Or perhaps you would like me to introduce you to one of the fine locals here tonight?”. At this the man stopped as if struck by a brilliant idea. He removed an envelope from his pocket.
“Perhaps you can be of service” The man said, finally paying attention to Daniph -About time! “I have a message, from Duke Monroe. It is to be delivered immediately. I’ve been going from tavern to tavern searching, each time the barkeep swears he’ll be at the next one. I’m beginning to think they’re making a ruse of my search. There is no way one man would go to this many bars in one day. Not to mention I started first thing this morning!” At this Daniph seemed puzzled.
“Calm down friend, if the one your looking for gets around as much as you say, there’s no chance I won’t know ‘em. I’ve been to half the bars in town tonight so I’ve probably come across the gent. What’s his name?”
“Daniph.” says the Man. At this Daniph looked puzzled. “Me? A message for me? Oh this will be fun! What’s it say?!”.
“I’m sorry sir, but there must be a mistake. The man I’m looking for is an accomplished adventurer and …” he wanted to say ‘less doused in alcohol’. But before he could Daniph had snatched the envelope from the man’s hand and started reading the letter.
“16 rivers … I’ve always wanted to go there!” Daniph exclaimed as he hurried off to whichever chair he had left his cloak on.
“Sir” the man said as he started chasing Daniph. “That isn’t for you, please return that letter! I must be on my way and find that man!”.
Daniph realized he left his coat at the last bar, or maybe it was a few bars ago… It doesn’t really matter though Daniph as he started for the door.

Daniph was very excited, he knew of many stories of 16 rivers. For instance he had heard one is only able to find all 16 main rivers upon drinking 16 bottles of local wine in succession. Although he doubted the local legend was true, Daniph didn’t see the harm in trying -So why not?
“Off to 16 rivers!” Daniph shouted as he left the tavern into what was now only a light rain.
The messenger burst through door “Sir!” but by then Daniph was already out of sight.
“My letter …” the messenger said as he sank into despair. There is no way that man is a ‘accomplished’ at anything…


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