Siege of Exterrea

Hlvart: Road Brew
Birth of Swamp Water

Well we are finally on our way back to 16 Rivers, and honestly, I’m not sure I could be happier at this moment. We dwarves never were meant for this kind of rafting voyage. Also being refined to such closed spaces with these others is getting to be rather cramped in my mind. While I am getting to enjoy a couple of them more as time goes on, short bursts of company really are my preferred “beard accessory.” Course though that could also be equated to this blasted captain. So…insensitive…

Anyways I have not come to you, blank pages that hold my life’s tale to release frustrations but rather to record my newest formulaic brew. Before leaving the towering city I was able to find some rather unique ingredients. One of the most interesting I must say is the odd flower called earleaf acacia. Its got these pods that bud off its branches, while a little on the harder side I think I can use them for something. They also had blackberries which I have yet to work with.

I need a third though what shall it be? I;d sleep on it but I’d rather try and get it going now. Sooner this is done the sooner I can make adjustments. Well…perhaps I should pick something at random and try that. Feel out the mix instead of see it, feel out the right things to make the drink unique. Yes, it would be like tasting it with my hands in some regards. I’ve also decided what to do with the pods of earleaf but musn’t forget to grind them up well. This shall act as my note to do so.

I will have something new for my personal tester Hobbly to try, I’m sure he’ll be ecstatic about the new and free drink.

Aodris: Our Doubts Are Traitors

We mislike the way our captain treats his first mate. She is a pleasant individual, and does not deserve what is thrown at her. Indeed, he keeps her almost as a slave, tied to some bond that she does not know when she may settle.

She seems reluctant to free herself, however. We do not understand. The others, they speak of mutiny, as he has fled from battles once too often in their eyes. Though we are still not sure why these battles were necessary to begin with, we would not like to leave our comrades in danger.

We must ask the stars their wisdom. At least now we have a boat that may carry our flag to distant shores, whether we remain upon it or no.

Cargo and Cahoots

Daniiph wasn’t much a fan of waiting around. Or at least not without the use of certain substances and company. However, he made due and eventually they got out of that stupid warehouse. He didn’t like the sort of ideas that were stirring around in their, but he hoped it was just the tension of the situation, and once they left; it would be left at that. Mutiny and conspiracy, although invigorating can lead one down some dangerous roads. Although, this little group doesn’t seem to have much trouble in those sorts of places. If fact Daniiph was quite impressed with the skills he’s seen so far from this rag-tag group.
Daniiph has begun wondering why it seems animals and other strange creatures keep popping out of everywhere. What’s next? A giant bunny rabbit? Or how about a unicorn!? It’s starting to get ridiculous, but it’s not really something he has any control over.
When they did finally make their way out, they made a dash for the boat and did away with it’s recent nosy guests. It turns out that Gina had some sort of magic paddle all this time and boy does it pack a punch, thought Daniiph.
“Hopefully this will be enough to get us out of here”
Daniiph says under his breath as he paddles as hard as he can, hoping for the best…

row row row
i hate this boat

As it stands right now i hate this boat so much. I always seem to almost die on it. I also cant seem to figure out those strange noise clubs. they hurt when they go off and well styx wont got near them. makes me wonder how much they are worth and if they can be used in our battle with the drow?
that being said i know that this ship would work good for our cause. still working with the dwarf on this to make sure we can secure it. little dose he know i have no intent to give it to that girl. But for now we will see what comes if all else fails just kill the captain.

Hlvarts Journal: 43
16 Rivers on the horizon.

It was a fresh spring morning, and the sun shone bright in the sky. Far in the horizon I could still see the gray storm clouds that blanketed the grass in water droplets. I even swear I could see lightning reign in the distant land. It may have been from the fresh rain but I could smell what I believed was the sea. Either way it was growing quite excited and a little anxious about finally arrive in the port town. Thankfully those feeling far outweighed the unease I felt for setting up so close to the sea. We dwarves never have been known for having, I believe the term the sailors use it “Sea Legs.” All the new faces I was going to see, the stories I could learn from the new voices…

And now here I am on a boat, sailing through the duchies. Kinda feel like I’m alienating myself from the rest of my brothers and sisters. But I guess its a price I’m deciding to pay for adventure and the endless knowledge of the world. I really hope this guild can get things figured out between each other. This could end up being the next closet thing to a family I could have for a while.

Which Taken at the Flood, Leads On to Fortune

We have defended the crates from ghosts that wished to claim them. In the midst of battle, a mist rose up and defended us. This cannot be the blessing of the Fire Princess, but perhaps we have incurred the favor of some other being.

We had the chance to rest in a nice cavern. It put us in mind of the dreamlands; the air outside us sparked and expanded. We have learned some new things, we think. We believe we can now divine the workings of the universe. It tastes of chamomile.

We have seen beautiful things in the dark, wisps and shadows and lights. They will tell us the right path…

Port Larry

Much to Daniiph’s surprise it turns out, The Thriving Community of Port Larry actually does have a night life. He was even more amazed to find how many different sorts of people there were. There were dazzling lights, music one could dance to and fun to be had. There was even a waffle show down! And there were drinks, dozens and dozens to try; ‘but where to begin?’ thought daniiph?
He looked around a bit and saw a women who seemed knowledgeable in regards to local drinks.
Or at least that’s what he hoped by how intoxicated she was.
His guess paid off. This woman knew quite a bit about the different drinks and even helped Daniiph pick out a top notch beverage. He returned the favor in kind and the night concluded well.

In the morning, they met the fabled captain and set out. It wasn’t all that eventful until they spotted what was likely patrol ships in the distance. Daniiph did his best to alert the captain, but he was too immersed in whatever it is captains do when they waste time and ignore their crew.
It wasn’t long until they were found out and had a flight on their hands. The captain showed his true colors and swam away faster then a sailor facing responsibility.
The ship was boarded and things got bloody. Daniiph managed to get a few laughs while helping out; which is always a plus for him. All the while falling a few foes and keeping the fight positive with a song or two.
The result of it all was ship without a captain, and crew without a heading. Daniiph knew he didn’t like the idea of only one person knowing where they were headed. Oh well, what could he do? Might as well stay useful and help steer the damn boat of nothing else he thought. So started the adventures in sailing and hopes for the best. If nothing else he can use this opportunity to practice a few of his favorite sea songs!

Storm on the horizon
kill or be killed2

this captin is getting on my nerves. I must do something about it but we must get payed. maybe after we are about home we can just kill him and dump his body in the sea. I think i will run this past brother to see what he things.

After thoughts:

As I sit there in camp the last night till we travel to this land they call 16 rivers I cant help but feel that the front lines of this battle will be lost with out me and my brother. It must be though. we must leave this place for the promise of loot and finding new blood for the battles we face. I mean the only thing that has keep me here for this long was the commander and he has entrusted in me a new mission. I must find new fighters and new supplys for the battle. I can do this for unlike my brother do not have the moral compass like him. we will lie cheat and steal to a new beginning. I will drag my brother along like I always do. For now i must go. Adventure awaits.

Drott: Leaving Zolann

We received a letter at camp. It must have arrived just hours before we returned. It appears that Kane and myself have been summoned to 16 Rivers. There is promises of payment. There’s little reason not to go. Except for pride and duty in Country. But admittedly, it is a barren land. I feel that survival will be easier in a distant land.

Still, we cannot abandon Zolann. At least not from the from lines. And the travel there could be difficult, if nothing else, costly. But this invitation is promising. I will discuss this with Kane. And meditate.

Entry #???

I have found myself on a boat. Apparently I was intended to be cargo, sold into slavery for my exotic looks. The first mate let me out without knowing I was the cargo, and so I am now traveling with a guild of some sort.

If I am honest, I do not believe they are a very well-functioning guild by any standards.

At least a few of them seem to be decent conversation, which keeps the days moving at a good pace.

How long I will stay with these people is undetermined. We will see where I end up, as whatever happens will happen, with or without my interference.

To the reader of these entries, I say farewell.



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