Siege of Exterrea

Hlvart: Lulling Waves
A strange comfort amongst the waves.

I’ve slept near the water a few days ago, and practically surrounded by it in 16 Rivers, but never cerested by the water it’s self. Tonight shall prove particularlly uneasy by my predictions. The boat rocking on the minute currents is rather uncomforting, randomly nneeding to check my balance. Very different than that of the earth tremoring in the mountains. Yes, I have a bad feeling tonight will be a restless one indeed…but on to work. I shall retreat to the rear of the craft for a little peace.

Birth of Krill (Discovery time): By my forefathers, this last week has been rather fruitful for myself. All the new effects, strange items…what could have sparked this? Maybe it has something to do with the Buck itself. Landon did say that it houses all sorts of prized pieces of the Brothers. Perhaps it’s best not to question it, can’t let anything distract me from furthering myself. Dare I use the word but I would be ever so “jolly” if this next concoction yeilded positive results.
About 2 hours later.
Well I finially feel comfortable with this one. Its time for the moment of truth! (As he drinks his new concoction, it instantly give him a horrendous pain in his side. Letting out a weakened cry; trying not to alert the others, as he keels over on the ground; writhing in excruciating pain.) It was a good many minutes before I was able to stand back up. I waited and what seemed like forever. Even longer than its taken for other effects to take hold, but nothing. Not a single strange feeling. With the thought of failure weighing heavy in my mind, I turned in for the night.

In the morn’ when I awoke there was something very strange that seemed to be growing on me. As I poked agt it seemed to move of its own ‘annoyed’ free will. Only, shortly after it some how pulled its self from my flesh and spread a pair of wings. Its like overnight an avian grew inside me and I gave birth to it through what I would guess it some heinous act. Then even more to my surprise it began speaking, and dwarven of all languages! I had not time to learn of this as I had to make this job a priority. Tonight I shall learn of this strange bird.

Aodris: Full Fathom Five Thy Father Lies

We are sailing upon a wavering sheen of silk. Most exciting. The taste of the air is different here, more of vinegar and spice than of soft vanilla. We believe that there may be different dreams contained within it.

The wisps coalesced into figures, which attacked our vessel. They would not submit to dreams, so we gave them visions of rainbows instead. They therefore slept, and no doubt dreamed of shores more rare than these.

We have obtained a new companion: the Incendiary. He is most intriguing.

We are not certain whether we can complete our mission any longer. Our captain has been spirited away by forces unknown. We fear he has been claimed by the borogroves.

So much Fire...
This should be a song

Daniiph had seen quite a few fires in his day, but this one sure took off! Looking back, he probably could have better communicated with that odd fellow to prevent the whole cave from going up in a puff of smoke … But ‘oh well’ thought Daniiph -you can’t win them all!
He had tried to help smooth things over afterwards at least by speaking with the guild, but something about their entire lively-hood going up in flames really put them in a low spirits.
He knew that he got along well with the elements, but still Daniiph was surprised to see just how much the others DIDN’T enjoy the flames. Then again there was someone who enjoyed them a little too much. But at least he appreciates TJ the way she ought to be. In fact, Daniiph might just want to get to know him a little better in the future -All the better to become better acquainted with TJ. It’s an interesting crowd she keeps, but strong. Definitely strong.
Tomorrow is another day, and with it another adventure!
It couldn’t possible go as poorly as this time around … right?

Drott: First Check In

This city is more dangerous than it seems. There is something going on here. Most-likely caused by the ones in power. There’s magic. I know it. Kane refuses to accept it. I know it can be hard to accept for some, but his stubbornness blinds him. At least, we are fed and sheltered. That is a welcome change.

I have fought along side many combatants from many backgrounds, but this group is unique. Very unique. I thought it strange, but almost comforting to find another Zolannese here. But I feel that she may not hold as much loyalty to our fierce nation.

There is a dwarf who seems very eager to unite our unfitting group. He his naive, but generous. Or maybe just desperate. I have actually put an effort to learning Hlvart’s name

There is also a charmer. He has been more foolish and annoying than helpful. He seems capable enough. He just doesn’t realize how to put his talents to use. It is very possible that he will try someone’s patience too hard. That someone may be me.

I have no definite opinions towards the rest. One of them is truly mad. They can prove their worth when the time comes.

Rizzi: Sweet Mother of All the Gods That's a Lot of Bugs!

Before I can whip the ol’ Bolting Buck into the ultimate guild hall, it’s gotta be a half-decent bar first. To do that, we gotta have fresh food and barrels of booze better than piss-water. To do that, we gotta drain the basement. To do that, we gotta get a new pump from the carpenter’s guild. To do that, we gotta get the bugs out of their super secret carpenter clubhouse cave. Easy enough, right?


These bugs devoured a man.

Any sane person would turn down thus job, but sane people are boring and we need that damn pump. So off we go to the cave of death! We ran into that guy who always runs around with the orc in the bowler hat. Fun fact: he’s a friggin pyromaniac. I should’ve taken this as an omen of things to come, in retrospect…

So the brewer dwarf and I go down first. I let Oberon draw first blood. These bugs are bigger than a pig, and he ate one in seconds! Heeheehee. But this made the others mad. Before I knew it, we were swarmed. The dwarf whipped up some booze bombs which were pretty badass, not gonna lie. The sparks really started flying when the crazy magician showed up. He made these little balls of fire that cut through the bugs like a hot knife through butter! Problem was the place was filled with wood and sawdust. Kapoooosh! Up to our earlobes in toasty fire. We barely made it out of the pyroclasm (fancy word, eh?), but the bugs were less than fortunate. Mission accomplished!

Or so I thought, until the guildmaster decided to argue the terms of the agreement. They were mad about the damages. Hey, it only said to get rid of the bugs. But he just went on with “oh, but now I’m out of business, boo hoo” Some people… On the bright side, we got new work. It’s from the Duke of Larry, so you can trust him to pay up, and pay well.

Also, I taught the blasty mage the value of money. I told’em it was magic and he was sold. Hey, it’s not a total lie. I can always use another ally in the quest for tons of booty!

Hlvart: Insight to discovery.
The second beginning!

It was a unsually warm day in the late fall. The sun was setting, daylight fading, and my face was illuminated by candle light. I had just finished with the master brewer for the day. Master grunfel since before my father was even born. A remarkable man of intelect far beyond any other brother I have ever met. To learn from him?… To me was like learning from the master blacksmith in the high mountains. But anyways I’m sure you don’t care to hear me ramble on about my awe inspiring teacher.

So it had been about two months I had be his apprentice. I was working diligently on my own, trying to make a new original brew and have been for a couple weeks now. In the process though I received a rather nasty burn on my right hand. I had to keep working though, I couldn’t let it slow me down. I wrapped it up quick downed a drink quick and kept on working. After the light was all but gone, as the moon stood full high in the sky, I became satisfied with my creation to call it a night. I filled a pint drank it down and hit the sack.

The next morn’ when I awoke something felt strange, or the lack there of feeling. My hand no longer hurt. There wasn’t even a mark of a burn on it. No scars… That night I decided to test something. I wounded myself before drinking the same mix. I waited and wait yet nothing. In my disappointment I retired for the night. The next morning though I saw that once again my wounds were healed, not a scratch. I delved more into it in the coming days but that is where I shall lay down the pen for the night.

Aodris: Like Fire and Powder, Which As They Kiss, Consume

Disaster! Or near enough to it. We fear we may have angered the Fire Princess, who seems to be an attractive young lady. We believe we met her before, perhaps. She did not seem angry when we spoke; her temper may flash once and be gone, like the flames she commands.

The fire we summoned did not flash once, though; it remained and charred all it touched. For a moment, we were afraid we had injured our companions. It overcame us briefly, but we ran. We shall be more careful with fire in the future. We must find a way to talk to the fire and convince it not to harm us. Until such occurs, we will need to be very very very cautious and use our fire only in dire need.

In any event, the ocean of insects has vanished into the flames. The Red Man says that one must go into space to find stardust. We must find a way to do so.

The Rider says that the coins that clink in our purse are a form of magic as well. So many magics we have not yet discovered…we must keep searching. We will master this coin magic in time, we are certain. We are now on a journey to the land of the dragon-duke to obtain more of these coin magics. Excellent.

We have not found any new spells. We must continue to dream…

Strange Happenings

Daniiph doesn’t know which is stranger; the fact that their guild house can travel through time, or that the fellow Aodris seems to have some sort of hovery-magic thing… At least all the “we” talk is starting to seem less crazy. One thing is certain, Daniiph likes the time traveling bit. From his understanding it takes quite a lot of skilled magic to do it -and here it’s both free and available! Not only that but it gave him the chance to write the national anthem for Corvinne! Which got him out of quite the bind he had gotten himself in. He had thought of the most excellent plan to get all of the guild’s work done in a jiff, only to have it fall apart by this fine city’s vision-less authority figures. If it wasn’t for a well done performance or two Daniiph would have found himself in the stocks -or worse! Which sadly wouldn’t be the first time those in charge were unable to see his genius and lash out as a result… It also wouldn’t be the first time he had to sing and dance his way out of trouble …
Looking back it was an altogether terrible day. He met a very respectable fellow outside of a cave and watch him get devoured when taking a perfectly well earned after-drink-nap. If it wasn’t for the evening pick-me-up from the former Duke; this whole day would have been a total wash.
‘Oh well’ thought Daniiph … ‘Tomorrow is another day, and with it a chance for better happenings!’

note to brother

brother we have to talk. I dont like this place one bit. a day ago I saw a girl in the hall so i fallowed her. we went up stairs? even though there is no upstairs. I keeped following the girl to a room. It was room 7. she walked right through the door brother what could do that? it was about that time when a man came up from behind me. he was duke monrow. not the monrrow we know but his dad. i know this sounds crazy but i think i went back in time and meet these people. I know it could not be a illusion cause you know how i hate that hocus pocus stuff. but whats it all mean we went to that study and drank really good booze I also found out a ton about the monrow family and a few other people.

A Zolannese Classic

I remember a song from my homeland:

Thirst, thirst, I have a thirst.
No water anywhere.
Thirst, thirst, I have a thirst.
I really need a drink.

I hold my spear in my hand.
My brow is too dry to sweat.
The camel I had in my sights.
Is already dead and dry.

Over there. In the sand.
I think I see a stream.
Look, look. Over there.
No. It’s just a trick from the heat.

I search. I search.
The water bed is dry.
The sand has come and stole our water.
And I have no way to take revenge.

A traveling merchant has come my way.
From his shoulder hangs a skin of water.
My spear goes through his chest.
And my thirst is quenched.

My grandmother would sing it to me and my brother when we were young.


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