HP: 27
Size: Tiny
Speed: 10 ft. land, 40 ft. fly
Attack: Bite +8 1d3 -2
Initiative: +3

STR: 6 (-2)
DEX: 17 (3)
CON: 11 (
INT: 11 (0)
WIS: 14 (
CHA: 11 (+1)

AC: 21 (touch: 19, flat-footed: 15) Natural Armor +6
CMD: 11
CMB: 6
Base Attack Bonus: +5
Fort: 2
Ref: 7
Will: 2

Acrobatics (class)
Climb (class)
Fly: +11
Perception: +9
Stealth: +11
Swim (class)

Sudden Swoop: If she makes a charge attack while flying, no attack of opportunity, +2 on damage rolls with bite when swooping.

Feats: Lightning Reflexes (+2 reflex saves)

Special Abilities: Low-light vision, Scent, Evasion, Improved Evasion (no damage on successful reflex save, half damage on fail)

Alertness: While familiar is within arm’s reach, master gains Alertness feat (+2 on Perception and Sense Motive)

Share Spells: Master may cast spell with target “you” as a touch spell on familiar instead of on himself, even if spell does not normally affect creature type.

Empathic Link: Master and familiar have empathic link over 1 mile distance, only general emotions can be shared, cannot see through her eyes.

Deliver Touch Spells: If familiar and master are in contact when touch spell is cast, familiar can deliver touch spell for master.

Speak with Master: Can speak with master as though they share a common language, others cannot understand without magical assistance.

Speak with Animals of Her Kind

Spell Resistance: Spell resistance = master’s level + 5


My loyal right hand!


The Siege of Exterrea Satchan