General Trishna Lilavassi Crumum

The Dragon General


Female Half-dragon
5’10" tall with shimmering green, brown, and yellow scales, long wild black hair, powerful wings, razor sharp teeth, and piercing eyes.

Beautiful and elegant with unmatched grace and speed the Dragon General strikes her enemies as if dancing on the wind, consuming the hearts of men, both figuratively and literally.-Duke Williams


A former princess of Ted, wed to Crumum as a reward for aiding the Duke of Ted with some unknown favor. Leader of the five generals and by far the most brutal. Consuming the hearts of every enemy she kills, preferably while they’re still alive, simply because she enjoys the taste. She is fickle and difficult to predict she has been known to appear in unsuspecting towns as a traveler, starting fights in their taverns or doing street performances with her band of bodyguards. She is even rumored to turn up unannounced before the other generals demanding tribute or “testing” their defenses by slaughtering their guards.

General Trishna Lilavassi Crumum

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