General Mookookoo Ozolo

The Flaming Kobold


Male Kobold Cleric
2’8" Red scales and an unusually long tail


Self proclaimed king of the Kobolds, Ozolo is arrogant and greedy. He built himself two fortresses and only ever leaves one to travel to the other. Each one believed to be filled with mountains of gold. Though no one has been able to verify this, because no one who made it inside has ever returned. His warriors have spent years raiding towns and travelers, boats and wagons, searching for precious metals and gems to appease their master. So it is safe to assume his wealth is substantial, as he has never been known to spend any of it.

During the war Ozolo burned over a thousand acres of jungle to wipe out one of the largest Zolannese war camps earning him the nickname, “The Flaming Kobold”, because he lost half his own warriors in the process.

General Mookookoo Ozolo

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