General Krelm Garugnuk

Marshal Garugnuk


Male Lizardfolk Cavalier
10’ 4" tall with dark green scales and brown spots

While known to be cowardly, Garugnuck is a ruthless, calculative creature, willing to sacrifice any number of troops to obtain victory.


During the last Zolannese conflict, the young commander Garugnuk, led a squad of two dozen commandos on a raid, against two hundred Zolannese warriors. Garugnuk found them camped inside the border of Ted and managed to spook the warriors, driving them into the acid swamps, where he picked off those few that made through to the other side. The overwhelming victory earned him a promotion and favor with Duke Crumum who appointed him Marshal after the war. He now controls a large portion of Crumum’s southern border as well as the primary waterways.

His enforcement of Crumum’s tariffs has radically increased the cost of goods moved throughout Corvinne. Due to it’s central location many of the largest waterways that connect the thirteen, pass through it. Making it virtually impossible to transport any large quantity of resources without Garugnuck knowing about it.
With this in mind, upon being appointed Marshal, Garugnuck deputized the warriors that he had commanded in the war and instituted a rigorous training program. He then began “enlisting” young lizardfolk to bolster his numbers so he could start massive construction projects; Largest of which a series of towers along the main shipping routes.

General Krelm Garugnuk

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