General Amala Seraccen


Male Troglodyte Druid
5’2" with gray and green scales and a scar across his neck


General Seraccen was born a slave to the Nagaji druids. His tribe was used as guard dogs defending the druids’ borders so they wouldn’t have to risk their lives in conflict. However, when the druids discovered Seraccen had a strong affinity for plants, and mistakenly taught him some of their ways. He turned on his masters and freed his tribe, leading them into the jungles beyond the Serpant’s Gaze.
During the last war Seraccen’s tribe reemerged to aide the duke, in the hopes of earning his recognition. Seraccen’s shadow warriors killed countless enemy soldiers earning him the name “Shadow General”. The duke was so impressed, he gave Seraccen his own territory which he is constantly seeking to expand.
Seraccen and his tribe are proud, they will fight to the last to defend their hard earned home.

General Amala Seraccen

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