Siege of Exterrea

Tera: Take that robot!

Finally! I feel like we managed to do something right as a group (though I feel the lack of bard might have helped some). We managed to destroy the Mage Slayer, who happened to be a construct of Senta’ Marin make. I am a bit concerned that we appear to be tailed by a second of these constructs. So far he (?) has not made any hostile moves towards us but I am of course leery of the thing and am happy to have rid myself of the Mage Slayer’s “mind gem.” I will admit with this venture I find that even though the “Insect Queen” still unnerves me, he seems to be a good companion. I must give credit where credit is due to both him and Peter; their drug scheme was quite the gamble but it paid off and without them we wouldn’t have completed our job. Now I just need to be able to contact Inspector Flitterfluff and deliver onto him the Mage Slayer’s mask and the news of its make that I have not mentioned to my companions.



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