Siege of Exterrea

Tera: Team Drugs, Go Figures.

This last week we’ve been in Tulipea in Rose. We are on a job from Inspector Flitterfluff to hunt down the Mage Slayer who he knows is in town. Apparently she is working with/for (?) a ratfolk gang called The Hoods. Not sure when it came to trying to get into the gang we all just split up, but of course we did. Daniiph and I didn’t have any luck but that weird “Insect Queen” and Peter seems to have had better luck with their drug plan that I helped them out with. I think they are still alive, not sure it has been several days without hearing from them. In the meantime I thought maybe I could get an audience with a higher up at the academy here but so far no avail. Though I have been enjoying myself being around like-minded individuals and the younger students are a joy to converse with. It has been a nice change.



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