Siege of Exterrea

Tera: Party Hardy Kobold Time

Well it did not take long after joining The Bolting Buck to go on an important mission. Was sort of surprised how quickly it took for me to “acclimate” into the guild. If anything it seems like I’ve made a friend (possibly friend with benefit) with Akvah who is also a new comer as well as that adorably fluffy bartender, Rita.

My first mission was to take down the Kobold General Ozolo. We spent a few days finding his fortress and along the way I appeared to kill some civilians on a dock. I let my prejudice about Kobolds get the best of me and being that I know what it is like to be thought down on, I shouldn’t have acted so rashly. From now on I resolve to think before I act instead of going in guns blazing. I don’t need to work so hard to prove myself. Anyways, the fight with Ozolo was very inconvenient being that his thrown had a special gem that absorbed fire spells and projected a giant hologram. In the end we proved more powerful but it was a close fight and I accidentally worked against us a few times.

Hopefully next mission will be less taxing or at least more suited to my talents.




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