Siege of Exterrea

Nami: Huh, Strange Turn of Events.

Didn’t think it would happen but I am feeling a bit more respect for that crazy bitch. She is chaotic and meaningless which I do find irksome but at the same time I am getting a bit more of an understanding of her. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still slit her neck in her sleep if I had real cause to do so but as it stands now I find that I don’t mind her so much now. Although I think her little servant is probably the most amusing thing about the bitch. It is almost cute to see him follow her around like a little love-sick puppy and she seems to not notice or not care in the least about his affections. Though I think jumping through fire to see if she is alright when he was already injured was… Problematic and frankly annoying. Might be fun to see him jump through hoops to bend over backwards for her. Heh, maybe I should seduce her just to see him cry in a corner. Afterall, crazy sex is suppose to be the best sex.



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