Siege of Exterrea

The Soldiers of Zolann: Kane perspective 2

kill or be killed

Kill or be killed!!! silas would always say. I would reminded him of this when he shouted out his next orders to us. “We need to fall back men all of us.” he glanced at me as he uttered these words. I would follow this man to the ends for the earth, but why would he haves us fall back at this turning point in the battle. It was around that thought when I noticed it was getting harder to see. “Dam you sun why do you set on a battle like this.” I thought to myself. Next on my mind, “where is my brother?” In my killing rage I lost track of him. I must find him. Nothing else matters now but finding him.

where are you Drott
I swear to god if you have dead then I will kill you again.

kane thought of the day I hate this man with a passion. I want to kill him. soon we shall get rid of him. we will give him to his wife. I do hate that she is a drow though.


Kane. I am over here. I see you have survived. We must return to camp. One of the officers says he has news for us.


I knew you would be some where brother. news you say? do you think its about that time a few months back when we visited that city where we had to make a run for it.


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