Siege of Exterrea

Introducing Kenta

The new guy

Kent walks into the run down tavern he had recently heard so much about. His sword sways at his side as his armor clanks with each step. His hair is short and stubbly with a hint of gray sinking in. He is obviously an older fellow, and has his fair share of scars.
Kenta was surprised to receive a letter recruiting him to Monroe’s errand service, but he could use the work and he had wanted to get out more. He approaches the counter and offers and introduction to the man at the bar “My name is Kenta, I was given this letter and directions here. What can you tell me of all this?” Landin explains the guild and the job board. Kenta could appreciate the simplicity of it. Do the job, get paid and make the place look good. “Alright, seems easy enough. When do I start?”



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