Siege of Exterrea

Hlvart: The Tides Turn Against Me

Things seems to be going under.

Once again a job is botched. While I have come to enjoy the company of a select few of this guild, the rest seem to be a great hazard to my progress. I leave nice and comfortable place at Nancy’s to try and move on to what I though were better things. Alas tis not. I know not what caused our failure this time around, but it can’t have been my fault. I had done as asked, unlike those filthy humans from Zolan, and that lass Rizzi! We were told to go to the teahouse, how can those directions be that bloody hard to follow. Even that annoying musician was able to follow the simplicity of what was asked. I’m beginning to think I may spend more time trying endlessly to clean up the mess of fools lost in their own blasted heads. An exercise I’m sure will be futile.

Bah, none of them seem to have much concern for anyone other than themselves. Lucky for them I’m not as simple a brewer as one might thing, though I have learned well my past, that this must be kept a secret at all costs. The fact that the strongest of liquors burns, helps me hide it well. Though they seem not to question my “gifts” so far in their times of need. I best keep everything hidden should I be forced to leave my new home. Perhaps I can concoct something to help them sleep early.

We really should keep to smaller numbers…



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