Siege of Exterrea

Hlvart: A New Oppertunity

To further ones trade.

Well, I think I may have a new opportunity on my hands. Now that we have helped the Leaf Layers and they have done work with distilleries prior, I may be able to further my trade yet. At a hopefully more rapid pace at that. I can only imagine the vast knowledge they have of strange and exotic plants. It would certainly put The Bolting Buck on the map. All the people that would be talking, neigh, coming to The Buck for their drinks. Word would spread so far, and maybe my family back home would come and see where our secrets have brought me. Though I fear that hope is a dream of a far away time. If only they could realize that one can not hope to achieve greatness without trading knowledge. It makes it so east to learn new talents cause someone else has discovered or created them. Only then can you perfect your craft.

Yes I shall speak with them. Something shall be set up, I would happily trade with them. That would allow so much more time for me to focus on what I would rather be doing that sifting through the dirt. They can master the earth, and I shall master these affects on the body. Every tingle means something and every reaction creates something new. I wish to learn more formulas, that shall be my top priority.

On a side note, this basement can not, just can not be clearer out fast enough. Now that it is happening I find myself growing impatient with time.



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