Siege of Exterrea

Drott: Clothes Shopping

Drott and Kane explore 16 Rivers, in search of more appropriate attire more. It is clear that they are Zolannese descent, and little can change that. But new garments could at least make them like more like adventurers or mercenaries and less like Zolanesse militants.

“Brother,” Kane said, “I asked around, and I found the best clothing store in the city.”

How do we know it is the best?

“Everyone said it was.”

“Very well. Let us investigate.”

The store is full of bright colors and fine linens. A number of nobles were sifting through the selection. Tailors were available to sew in gemstones and silver and gold threads.

“I do not believe we can afford to shop here. And the clothing available does not look like that of guild members.”

“Yeah. Those guys lied to me! We should do something about them trying to make us look foolish.”

“I don’t believe that to be necessary. They are foolish people, themselves, with ridiculous tastes. They most likely believe this attire to be good quality.”

Kane muttered, “We can always kill them for having bad taste.”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing, Brother.”

“Hey!” said an angry voice. “You two need to leave!” It was an upset man, dressed in clothing like that in the store.


“We should leave. There is no need to start a fight. Not here.”

“I don’t like this.”

“We represent the Guild, now. We can’t kill everyone who offends us. Not in Corvinne. Besides, this clothing is ridiculous and impractical.”

“I know! But, I don’t like it.”



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