Siege of Exterrea

Aodris: Shall We Their Fond Pageants See?

We have discovered an ocean made of insects. Although the insects seem perfectly happy where they are, the Fool believes we must evict them. He said something about a pump, and money, and some carpenters, but we could not make sense of his ravings. When the insects are outside of their customary habitation, they show a tendency to eat people. We think it could be dangerous to attempt to relocate them, but the others are all convinced that this is a thing that needs doing.

We have dreamed of more spells, and they spark within our blood. If the others refuse to leave the insects be, we may have occasion to use them. The fire in the tavern we have been gifted smells of magic, although we are unsure what sort.

More importantly, we have discovered a wondrous artifact in the marketplace. It makes a breakfast item they call Waffles, and we enjoy them greatly. As long as we continue to fuel the mechanism with “batter,” it will produce Waffles for our enjoyment. We have attempted to discover the artifact’s magic, but there is no magic contained within its metal walls. The only unusual thing we have found about it is the faint taste of lemon pepper.

The Hobo is most enamored of his waffles when topped with alcohol. We tried the combination, but did not find it to our taste. We prefer ours with a small dash of sugar and butter, if such can be found. The Waffle transports very well, and is an excellent traveling meal. We have yet to discover inherent magical properties within the Waffle, but we believe that they are possibly simply beyond our ability to detect. Further study is needed to determine the origin of this mysterious foodstuff.



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